Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yes there are many and I'm sure you can add to my list...where to start hmmmm

1. Strangers asking me for gold (my response is always ..don't you have a profession?"

2. People abusing the AH...folks who put a light feather up for 100g I assume to increase the price or have someone accidentally buy it thinking it was 1g...(eh hum,yes I've done that)

3. other major city other than Dalaran do I have crazy lag and in 25man, which puts me over the edge. I turn off my addons and anything extra crap I don't need but still it doesn't help much.

4. Dishonest salesman...I had a guy I provided mats to in my early levels to make something for me ...he indicated he needed tomake it somwhere specific and took off with my mats and put me on husband then messaged him and put the pressure on to return them and he did

5. Strangers asking for runs - I'm always surprised at the number of strangers that ask me to run them through an instance. My suggestion is always the same "ask your guild" or "join a leveling guild"

6. Gold Farm Spammers - I'm still shocked how these people can get away with this so easily. I guess I was living in La La land thinking there were Blizzard people monitoring this activity on each server.

7. Dependent guildies - Don't get me wrong I don't mind helping guildies but its when people step over the line of asking for help with anything that remotely looks scarey. Help from guildies should be for those quests when you just can't find someone in that zone or if you need to run an instance, just one shoutout to your guild asking if anyone else needs it....not spamming and not harrassing. Help should always come at your guildies convenience.

8. Lack of class knowledge - I am absolutely no expert in my class but did certainly look up a rotation for raiding so that I would not cause my raid to wipe because of lack of dps or be foreced to carry me. People don't need to do top damage but should be attempting their best to ensure a safe run without too much aggravation. I am never at the top of the meter but I hold my own.

9. AFKers - Even with the new system, BG afkers are still there. They move their toon from time to time to avoid being reported but they are useless and avoid combat as much as possible. Makes me crazy!!

10. Ninja Looters - I know this is a top pet peeve for many and I so wish Blizzard could offer some safeguards from ninja looters. If you pug its always a risk and lately I'm shocked at the amount of ninja looting going on. I've heard more than ever stories from guildies of Ninja Looters when they pug. Nothing disgusts me more.

On a happy note there are many things about WOW that I love which I will discuss in another post.


  1. Yeah the random asking/begging drives me nuts. I should have added that to my "5 Ways to Be Ignored" post... then it would have been 6, but oh well. :P

    Regarding dependent guildies... yeah, I don't mind helping, but you have to do -some- things for yourself. I tend to get frustrated and irritated with people that constantly ask questions (often the same ones) ... especially more basic things they -should- know by level 80. Now, the asking itself doesn't bother me, but I usually give out resources rather then outright answering the question (depending where it falls in my level of knowledge/expertise of course!). I get frustrated when people refuse to use resources time and again.

    I can't keep handing you a fish, y'know?


  2. I agree about giving the resources. I think our most common resource to give is

    "when can I pick lichbloom"
    "when can I mine iron"
    etc etc etc

  3. After a day full of frustrations like these, I spent the creative moment I had on this: I will probably have an entire library of songs by the end of the year. :)

    And yes, you hit the nail on the head with all of those. I have been fortunate to not yet run into #4 on you list, but there's always a first for everything. I think one of the other aspects of "dependent guildies" that can sometimes rub me the wrong way are some guildies (love them to death) that need an OVER abundant amount of reinforcement and positive encouragement - or ego stroking.

    While I congratulate people, stay positive, and provide encouragement. . .some members seem to have an endless black hole of need for this. It can be draining, especially when it comes up while say - oh I don't know, you're trying to put together a raid or while you are in a raid? I mean really folks, how many times do you need me to say good job? After the first couple times it kind of loses its meaning doesn't it?

    /sigh. Sorry, that sounded cranky. I wasn't a cheerleader in high school, I didn't do pageants. My outward cheerfulness has its limits lol