Friday, May 22, 2009

Warcraft Landfill

"This is a post I had written on my guild site a while back and thought I would share it with you"

I continue to hold on to the merciless gear in my bags, having difficulty letting those pieces disappear into the warcraft nothingness. I often imagine there is a very large and dirty warcraft landfill where all these items from every dedicated warcrafter find their way. A scummy looking undead shovels them into a huge pit, filled with what was once the best of gear. In the air, the faint cries from those who have typed out the "DELETE" phrase for these once precious items. The undead simply gives a loud and content laugh and continues to shovel.

I know its a very silly attachment to have, but I loved my gear. I loved the colours, the way it fit and resilience that kept me alive in many dangerous situations. Everyone strives for the EPIC pieces that make us feel "we are finally there". These pieces represent experience and hard work, wipes, massive potions and elixirs, excitement and of course great memories. NOW, back to blues, back to grinding and armor that just doesn't fit well, and well...make me look fat:(The greatest thing about the upcoming months are the new adventures with my guildies. The excitement to get the epics again and whether that is for me or a guildie, its always a great moment. Sometimes I feel like the bionic woman before she was enchanced. "We can rebuild her, we have the technology....."God dammit....BRING IT!!!


  1. I hate to part with gear. D:

  2. I just found when Lich came out a little depressing as I got closer to 80 and had to get rid of stuff.

  3. I do keep my old pvp shoulders, as they look the nicest, as well as some classic tier tokens.

    My banks are almost always filled to the brim!
    They should make a personal museum for old gear :D