Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Favorite Places in WoW

I have found traveling from zone to zone that certain zones appeal to me for different reasons. Westfall I love for the errie music which I actually find quite peaceful. Elwynn Forest is just so quaint...who wouldn't want to live there.

When I first walked into STV I was amazed at the jungle atmosphere. The colours of tigers against the flora of the jungle. The sounds of the gorillas and the birds. It was very captivating.

If I could live anywhere in warcraft where would I live? I guess Elwynn Forest since my husband also loves it there and its close enough to a large city for shopping and a nice walk to the beach in Westfall:)

We are often very quick to get on the attack of Blizzard with the issues we have but I think if you take an indepth look around in the zones, you will gain a greater appreciation of the work and detail put into creating this magnificant magical world and all the entertainment and fun it provides us with.


  1. Blizzard does indeed place great effort and work into their environments, with those tiny little touches that is often missed.

    Personally, I'm getting really into the Ulduar maps at the moment :D

  2. I haven't been inside Ulduar as yet but I'm excited as I've heard great things, especially the first fight is supposedly alot of fun.

  3. Well now I better correct that post since Hubby now says he wants a Condo at SW Harbor. Just a rental since the prices would be too high to buy:P