Saturday, May 16, 2009


On Sundays I hope to put up some WOW trivia questions. Test yourselves and see how many you know without looking them up. These questions will be all WOW related with varying degrees of difficulty. Just place the question number and answer in your post.

1. Who is Gryth Thurden and where would you find him?

2. ________ is a female guardian; requires the Staff of Prehistoria to gain access to her chamber.Add Image

Where would you find someone named Turpster?

4. Where is the most northern Inn in Northrend?

5. The __________are humanoid walrus people who live in Northrend. Although seen throughout Northrend, they make their homes primarily in the Borean Tundra.

6. Which popular blogger is a retired Air Force major, with degrees in psychology (UCLA ’74) and business administration (Missouri ’78).

7. In which building would you find the portals for the alliance in Dalaran?

8. Which mobs and zone drops the “Captured Firefly” pet.

9. ______________ is an orcish outpost built on a crossroads in central Durotar

10. What is the name of the achievement for reaching an arena rating of 1550 in 2v2?
NOTE: Special thanks to my dwarf hunter husband Krystofar for creating that great trivia image for me.


  1. Love the concept... hate fighting the urge to look things up.

    2. Can't remember her name, but she's in Uldaman.
    3. Rawrcast
    4. In Storm Peaks, can't remember the name of it >.<
    5. Tuskarr
    6. BRK
    7. It's next to the Alliance side Inn, but I'm Horde so I shouldn't know it's name :P
    8. Bog Needler in Zangarmarsh
    9. Crossroads


  2. 2. Uldaman is correct
    3. Ahhh Turpster may have been there but not what I'm looking for
    4. Storm Peaks is incorrect
    5. Tuskarr is correct
    6. BRK is not incorrect
    7. Shame on you for being horde:P hehehe
    8. Bog Needler in Zangarmarsh is totally correct..well done
    9. That is the area I believe its called but not the name of the town

  3. Oh whoops. Durotar *cough* *facepalm*

    Razor Hill

  4. 1. Who? Sounds like a dwarf... I don't like Dwarves...
    2. so long ago...
    3. Turpster (The T.) is everywhere.. WoWRadio, The Instance being a couple of his favorite haunts
    4. I'm a Mage, why go to an inn?
    5. Yeah them... I'm related to the on the 'aggedon side of the family.
    6. Jeepers... search me...
    7. The third one I look in... every time...
    8. yep, them things.
    9. Why can't they move Razor Hill closer to Org so us Alliance don't have such a long ghost run when raiding?
    10. They have arenas now? :-P

  5. Hey Gnome

    I'll give ya #3 with WOW Radio is what I was looking for.