Monday, May 18, 2009

When to /GKick

I wonder do most of you have the same difficulty I do when it comes to kicking people from your guild. Most offenses are small ones and undeserving of a kick but a warning. I think the hard kicks are those kicks for people you actually grow to like but have a quality that comes out from time to time that is displeasing to some guildies.

I think I've only /gkicked twice as an officer. First time to a member that was showing online but was farm botting in Shadowmoon. I happened to see him while I was farming elementals and I knew from his movements and lack of response he was botting. After two days of botting, I felt this was not the kind of representation we wanted from our guild and so he was gone.

Second time was a more personal drama that was initiated from a guildie. He was over sensitive and being very difficult about small issues and complaints were beginning to trickle in from other guildies. It eventually grew into a blowout and he was toast.

I think by solving issues quickly before they grow helps to prevent a kick. For me there are some "no no's" that will get you a warning and some things will give you the boot from Justamom.


1) asking for gold in guild chat
2) repeatedly asking for help questing
3) spamming the meters in raid chat
4) making an inappropriate comment to another guildie
5) not bringing Justamom chocolate:)


1) Another offence after a warning of above
2) Ninja looting from a raid (whether its us or pugging elsewhere)
3) Taking from the Gbank to resell items
4) Racial slurs
5) giving Justamom white or dark chocolate ...must be milk chocolate

Hmmm have I missed any?


  1. Have them send the dark chocolate to me. :D

  2. Ya can't even get in our guild without milk chocolate:P

  3. I don't recall handing out any chocolate. (Maybe I shouldn't have said that)

  4. And why do you think i'm playin on another server Beer? hehehe Glad to see you visiting hun:)

  5. No point in me even applying to the guild if my stash of milk chocolate is at risk... bad enough that I have to hide it from my wife!