Saturday, May 2, 2009

Making A Living

Well it’s a been a huge adjustment starting over financially on a new server. Usually when I start a new toon on my main server I simply send myself a few gold to get things going. This is different though. This is truly a fresh start but now I have the knowledge of the game and professions to get me moving.

My initial instinct was to take Herbalism and Mining since there is no gold investment in these professions but I really wanted to try out alchemy and knew at the high end of the game there is good money in Alchemy. Herbalism feels easy and while I level its easy to pick flowers. At level 12 I’ve just capped my first level at 75 and have gone for training. I may have to wait a while to level any higher since my next herbs are mage royal, briarthorn and stranglekelp which will be in an upcoming zone.

I’ve already earned 12g, which at level 12 I felt was pretty impressive. I can sell my stacks of peacebloom, earthroot and silverleaf for about 1.5g-2g per stack which is a nice sum at my level. For those that don’t have gold to get their first mount I blame it either on their lateness to start their professions, not having any professions or just laziness. Making gold isn’t that difficult.


  1. here, here! Now lend me 5g gold plz! LOL. <3

  2. Justamom zippers up her purse and places a padlock on it. :) You know what's mine is yours dear.