Thursday, April 29, 2010

Conducting Premades

Many times battlegrounds will turn into a warcraft nightmare. I highly suggest trying to get with an organized premade. We have found such a premade with an awesome BG leader.

Not all premades go smoothly. Folks seem to think just because they are grouped together they will win but in many instances you have too many folks giving opinions of strategies which just confuses things and people will do as they please.

You need a strong leader to direct and monitor activities. Someone who has a plan and ensurse everyone sticks to it. Our guy simply says "do exactly as I say and we will win" and we always do. (err maybe 1 loss) He is constantly watching and moving folks where necessary. As if directing an orchestra to the crescendo he moves his groups strategically from point to point until we have a perfect balance and finish with a win.

I initially found it difficult to follow his direction as at times it made no sense to me, but his bigger plan was very clear to him and he knew exactly how to bring us to victory.

Participate in premades you see in trade chat until you find one that seems organized with great leadership OR perhaps YOU are that great leader?

I love to BG so if you are ever on Bleeding Hollow, look me up and I'll be your pocket healer:)

Here are a few links for some BG strategies...

Check out Cynwise's Battlefield Manual for some great BG strategies

(Thanks to hubby for creating the fun image for me)

Decisions Decisions

I attend 10man ICC most weeks and as any gear pops up that is suitable for me I find it difficult to make the decision whether it is a true upgrade. Giving up some haste for more spell or gaining some critical strike. I never like to take loot from someone who it is truly an upgrade for. I've seen folks during our Naxx days take gear and never put it on when someone else who could really use it rolled for it and lost.

That being said I rolled against someone when I had a level 245 piece and it was an upgrade to 251 and said "no no give it to them its just a slight upgrade for me" Only to find out they had the exact same piece they were upgrading from. What a tangled web I weave.

At this point for most of my raids it is only a slight upgrade for most and I have to lose that mindset that I shouldn't roll on slight upgrades. I don't want to be greedy but I don't want to lose out on the opportunity to improve my toon. I only have 2 healing specs (pve and pvp) so I never roll on moonkin or dps pieces so I really should be more aware when gear comes my way.

Does anyone else spend too much time pondering gear during raids as I do? UGH

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blonde PVP moments

I've had many "ah ha" moments while pvping and since I didn't know alot of the skills of other classes you'll often see those little light bulb moments from me. There are a few things I've learned from pvping that many of you would say ..."she's such a nub" Let me share some with you.

1. Don't stay in tree form while there is lock around
Banish is a silly thing I often get caught in unnecessarily

2. I can actually take out a shammy totem with my branches
When it isn't a super intense fight I now try to get rid of those silly totems for me and my partners benefit

3. I can change forms when hexed by a shammy
Yes, I know you are all shaking your head but now I know

4. Can't get feared if I keep my distance from locks and priests
Learning when to keep my distance is coming with more experience and the timing of that distance is everything. There is a balance which I must obtain of knowing when my partner is in trouble and hots are running out and when to stay out when he is safe

5. Mortal strikes from warriors have to be taken much more seriously because they reduce my healing by such a crazy amount
I've often underestimated the mortal strike and just how much it affects my heals especially from a well geared warrior that can do intense damage. I'm definately being more aware when they are on me to root them when possible and keep myself topped off.

6. Importance of LOS
I still struggle with line of sight. Again the balance of popping a hot and hiding. I tend to want to be close to my partner to help him but I know I'm not helping if I'm dead or have no mana. Mana burns are my worst nightmare and I am working hard to avoid them. Somtimes I get caught up in healing and CCing an don't even realize until its too late. But, I am trying to be more conscious of them.

7. Last Woman Standing
When my partner has died the fight is not over, especially if its now only 1v1. I have my swarm, moonfire and if careful I can still win it. I've made mistakes in this case but changing out of tree to root which I have to be more cautious about depending on how much damage the enemy is doing but playing it wisely, it can be done.
Yes there are many more but I'll leave you with these to roll your eyes with :)

Bouncing From PVE to PVP

Funny how my desires in the game change more often of late. Since I'm back I had been totally pushing my PVE and didn't even want to do a BG. In the last couple of weeks though I'm back into BGs and arena. Although Hunter/Druid combos are not the most popular, myself and hubby have been having a good time. Taking a while to get our groove back and I still have much to learn but the excitement is building. We never did that great last season...about 1500, but the thrill of arena is back.

3s is another new thing for me. I hadn't done much 3s before we have a great rogue for 3s and he is totally encouraging and positive. I really couldn't play with a super serious team who yell and get uptight over it. Don't get me wrong we have our moments here at home but its more a self-loathing thing. "OMG I can't believe I did that, or what the hell was I thinking I didn't pop my trinket" Our rogue is a cool cucumber, calm and very communicative. Thats another thing that makes me crazy is people who don't communicate while they play. Sometimes I'll hunt someone down for skirmishes to practice and its like "lets just kill em". UGH! I need a plan.

The most important thing I'm learning in PVP is that timing is everything. CC has to be perfectly timed. Double CCs and rotating CCs can make for an easy win if timed properly.

Any PVP tips for this old druid gal are greatly appreciated:)

Next time I'll share a few of my blonde pvp moments with you.