Thursday, April 29, 2010

Conducting Premades

Many times battlegrounds will turn into a warcraft nightmare. I highly suggest trying to get with an organized premade. We have found such a premade with an awesome BG leader.

Not all premades go smoothly. Folks seem to think just because they are grouped together they will win but in many instances you have too many folks giving opinions of strategies which just confuses things and people will do as they please.

You need a strong leader to direct and monitor activities. Someone who has a plan and ensurse everyone sticks to it. Our guy simply says "do exactly as I say and we will win" and we always do. (err maybe 1 loss) He is constantly watching and moving folks where necessary. As if directing an orchestra to the crescendo he moves his groups strategically from point to point until we have a perfect balance and finish with a win.

I initially found it difficult to follow his direction as at times it made no sense to me, but his bigger plan was very clear to him and he knew exactly how to bring us to victory.

Participate in premades you see in trade chat until you find one that seems organized with great leadership OR perhaps YOU are that great leader?

I love to BG so if you are ever on Bleeding Hollow, look me up and I'll be your pocket healer:)

Here are a few links for some BG strategies...

Check out Cynwise's Battlefield Manual for some great BG strategies

(Thanks to hubby for creating the fun image for me)


  1. Great to have you back and posting!

  2. I dislikes BGs quite a bit. I have more fun in them when you are lower level and there are no groups of 5 premade rogues just walking around and destroying everything. I have not embraced the LFG feature of BGs as much as he dungeon one.

  3. You just need a pocket healer sweetie...come to my server:)

  4. When I'm in a random BG I usually end up tossing out suggestions on what people should do. Shockingly, sometimes they actually listen. ;) I mainly pvp on my Resto Druid and Disc Priest (both Horde) but occasionally I'll pop on my Hunter to pvp too.

    Pre-mades are a blast too, there is a lot of PvP'ers in my Druid’s guild so rallying up the troops to pwn some Alliance is rarely an issue. We haven't lost a BG yet, then again they are pretty much hard core PvP'ers just like myself. They know the strats, and we toss out strats in BG chat in case people aren't familiar with the BG. One of my buddies even has the Battlemaster title. I've been thinking of shooting for that, however I'm undecided which toon I should use for it; they both have their pros and cons.

    I've met some great folks from other realms via Battlegrounds both Horde and some Alliance folks too. :)

  5. I won't hold it against you because you are horde:) I'll be watching for you on the field. My resto druid will take you out with insect swarm hehehe:)

    Sarmiento (Bleeding Hollow)

  6. I've never died to Insect swarm when I do 1:1 w/other Druids, so this I'd have to see. ;) Hey, I'm always up for a challenge. ;) If you found me with my crew that would be near impossible. I'm sure like yourself, when you PvP with your buddies you each have the others back. I'm usually ending up 'tanking' Alliance, while healing, them and myself. Tress sure can take a lot of damage. When I do run BG's with them it's usually with four of them (Ret Paladin, frost Mage, Unholy DK, and Sub Rogue) and we watch each others backs in PvP. I know that is why a lot of random BG's fall apart, some simply don't seem to understand that you must work as a group.

    I have Alliance toons too. In fact I started out as Alliance (a little over 2 years ago) but I prefer Horde for PvP.

    Going against another good healer in 1:1 it basically boils down to who lets their guard down first., or runs OOM. I had a 1:1 against an Resto Shaman while leveling. SHe made low level BG;s a living Hell. She was higher than me by at least 7 levels. I finally caught up to her in my 50's, and we had a 1:1 AB. Everyone left us alone and we duked it out until we both went OOM

    I think one of the most epic 1:1 I had was against a Resto shaman, that lasted a long time, he eventually died to my thorns, lol. So yes, it took a while. ;) He did try to burn my mana, but that didn't work. He attempted to DPS me down when I popped out of form, that didn't work either, high health/resilience, swap forms, etc. I went onto his realm and thanked him for the great fight.

    I did have a amazing match today against a Ret Paladin and a Elemental Shaman. That lasted a bit too, not sure if I would have won or not. It was challenging, between the stuns, knockbacks, burst damage, etc., Keeping the Hots rolling, popping out when I could to CC either of them (without getting my health wrecked to the ground) well... that was tough (but fun) since SOTA ended. Ally camped the GY, I was the only one there. I did have one pop on my realm afterwards and tell me they enjoyed the unexpected pvp with me, heh.

    I'm on the Cyclone BG, but will most likely transfer a few of my PvP toons back to Ruin. I've met a lot of buddies here, and will keep some of my pvp toons her for sure, but I do miss some of my Ruin PvP buddies too.

    I love war stomp in PvP, I use it quite often.

    Ok, I've rambled long enough, lol. ;)

  7. You are absolutely right about who lets their guard down first. One players mistake is another druid's opportunity:)

    I do love a good pvp match and one of my favs is to see a rogue die from my thorns while I kite him around. I'm pretty mediocre in pvp but really do enjoy it and have decent gear with almost 1200resil. I do find it difficult to get the CC timing right and those damn warriors end up getting that second charge on my partner even though I've rooted a split second before. The roots go on while their charging.

    War Stomp *rolling eyes*...I'll have an upcoming post and rant about that soon hehehe

  8. LOL, I notice a lot of Taurens don't use it. I tend to use the racials for the toons I play, some are more effective than others.

    LOL, yeah death by thorns is funny. I had a rogue die to mine in SOTA today. After that, he kept coming after me. I think he was in mostly PvE gear. He really didn't have too much effect on my Druid. I could easily pop out and root, Moonfire, him too.

    I'm deep Resto spec for PvP. I did used to have more points in the Balance tree but I've found deep Resto to suit my style better and is helpful in large groups. A few of my buddies have been bugging me to arena, if I do will definitely use that as my "other spec". currently my other spec is Feral tank.

    Yep PvP is fun, and I'm really enjoying learning how to become better at the classes I play. I've learned a lot from the mistakes I've made, and still have a lot to learn, lol. ;)

  9. Err Divina and Pouncie are the same. I forgot to swap to my Pouncealot tag, lol

  10. I'm deep resto for everything but 2's. I only have pvp specs. One specifically for my two's team which gets me to swarm and the other is deep in resto for BGs or Raiding.

    Warriors I'm still very careful around since I've misjudged that damn Mortal Strike too many times.