Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ninja Epidemic

I can't begin to express the absolute anger it evokes in me when I hear of my guildies spending 4 hours in 25man Naxx only to have KT loot ninja'd. It is heart breaking.

Leveling up my toon I had heard of such things happening but never experienced it personally. I was shocked at level 70 when a guildie had indicated it had happened to them in an instance. People actually do that? I was absolutely shocked and even more angry. Our guild was ticked and it was the talk for an hour I'm sure.

Something is in the air in the last few months though, as it has become almost common place to have loot ninja'd and people are almost complacent about it. No one seems surprised when it happens or even barely upset. "The raid leader gave the loot to his couple of guildies that were there" is the kinda stuff I hear. "Awwww that sucks" someone might say, then end of conversation.

If I have run a 25man Naxx and you ninja the loot, you have stolen my time, my buffed food, my flasks, my mats and yes my chances to obtain that loot. Are folks really that desperate for stuff? Other than not pugging what could Blizzard do to make this more painful for these individuals that feel our time and effort is worth nothing?

Sorry for the bitchin' session. Can't help myself sometimes.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Healer's Work is Never Done

My 69 druid, Sarmiento, whom I've neglected for many months has taken a liking to doing BG's. I've always wanted to heal so resto it was. I haven't looked up a thing about resto yet but Siarah throws a few "what the hell are you doing using regrowth there?" etc. I am a spam healer I admit it. Throwing hots everywhere I can and just praying "please don't let the hordie touch me, please don't let the hordie touch me"

It's an exciting position to be in as a healer to keep folks up while they bring the pain but also a scarey place since good healers can change the tide of a game. I'm just lucky to stay alive hehe. Even without any knowledge and just throwing heals through healbot, folks are appreciative.

One day in AB I asked a DK..."hey, mind if I keep you healed and if you could keep the horde off me?" and his answer was "no thanks". Well you know what that meant heals for him but only death and destruction. I know what you are thinking.."what a bitch" and yes I was.

Offensively I panic and do stupid things like turn into travel form to get away which means immediate death or I'm too slow clicking my trinket to get out of a stun before my poor tree is just a pile of lumber.

BUT, even with all that...I love to heal. I doubt you will ever see me in a high level instance but if you are looking for a dedicated healer in a BG, give me a buzz.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Men Being Men in WoW

Another funny little moment in the game I wanted to share. When I was out one day in Nagrand a few months back I came upon an alliance who, if I remember correctly, helped me kill some horde that were ganking. He loved my toon's name "Justamom" and after that day would often simply send a tell of "hi mommy" every time he saw me online. All in good fun of course. We never raided together or farmed together but just always that quick "hi mommy" when he logged in and to ask how my day was going.

One day I was shocked to get a message from him that said "sup fag" then next line "MT" hehehe. I thought I would bust a gut laughing at this guy. He was was sooooo embarrassed to say that to me... apologizing like crazy. He was always so respectful and mild. I know that this how it is for young guys when chatting with others, to BS around like that.
Hubby and I had a great laugh about it and now when he messages "hi mommy" to me, my only response is "sup fag". Always makes me smile:)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Prospect This!

As most of you have heard with the upcoming patch you will be able to prospect titanium to obtain those epic gems. The prices for titanium after this announcement went insane on my server at 280g per stack. I'm not sure if anyone was buying them but that is what they were up for in the AH or 12g per individual ore.

Yesterday I noticed the prices were dropping to 180g per stack. I've been tossing around the thought whether I will prospect all my titanium or just sell them after the patch. My friend Rorik voiced his opinion that I should prospect them. I read a forum post where someone broke down the probability and talked about pricing. Unfortunately, I'm not great with numbers but the 25% probability rate is the best way for me to look at it. In my head right now I'm thinking of prospecting 2 stacks to start and see how it goes from there. Purchasing titanium to prospect isn't gonna happen on my end. I'll prospect whatever I have saved up until the patch. The competition for the titanium will slowly be increasing for sure. With 10 stacks of titanium stored away thus far, it's a good start for me.

In the meantime, the money has been good for mining. With the eternal shadows and earths I've been making the Shadowmight Rings for disenchantment getting 2-5 Infinite Dust per ring or a Greater Cosmic Essence. Selling a stack of infinite dust for around 70g per stack on our server. With all the saronite and trust me I've had tons of it, my patience with the AH is a little worn and so I sell it a little cheaper but in bulk to buyers. Saves me storage and patience:)

Now I have to think of a way to keep that holy pally Rorik out of icecrown, stealing my nodes. Hey Rorik...I have candy *holding out a mound of delicious sweet candy*

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Putting Out the Welcome Mat

Spring has sprung and our guild has definately slowed down alot. Folks are out enjoying the warmer weather, walking, cycling, working in the yards, what kinda crap is that?? You people should be in the game kickin' some ass in Ulduar ....geez

With those words of encouragement I am putting out the welcome mat to new members. We are a casual raiding guild on the Bleeding Hollow server and currently our numbers are down as folks have moved on from the game or are enjoying the summer *rolling eyes*.

We would ask if you are interested, please fill in our guild application and come in for a body cavity search *pulling at the elastic from my latex gloves* . We are looking for mature fun players that have some time to do a little raiding, some new stuff and perhaps some old. As a member of our guild you should be easy going, reasonably competent with your class, not an imposer on other guildies and simply up for a fun time. During the cavity search if I find big egos, they will be removed piece by piece with tweezers before the invite goes out.

So come on over to Bleeding Hollow. We don't care what level your toon is, as long as you plan to level it up and you may be surprised to get a run or two if you behave yourselves:)

Questing for Something Else

So the last few days I've done a ton BG's on my resto 69 druid which I've loved. I just can't seem to make myself quest though. Perhaps because I've also been leveling a toon on another server that I find the thought of questing presently sickening to me hehehe.

Last night I did something I never do and that was push for a run. "So who wants to do Kara?" One of our dedicated DK's spoke up "I'll go after Vaults" then my favorite Pally offered to tank. We would still need a healer, just in case we went a little crazy. After a pushy long distance call, I had Bre come on her Priest and her husband on his rogue and of course my husband had no choice in the matter. I think we had 9 by the time it was all said and done.

It was such a fun relaxing night for our guildies. When guilds go through alot changes, getting out there and doing some fun stuff together can definately help get things back on track. Sometimes we may go in different directions in the game but making time for some fun easy play can certainly create a nice relaxing mood for everyone.

It was a fun night which we plan to do more often. I'm still lovin' Kara.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The End of Days

I became a tad emotional yesterday as I was reading The Death of WoW at Wow Economics. Just the thought that Warcraft will end some day is kinda sad to me.

All the time spent earning and building our toons will all of a sudden be gone as if they never existed. The game has become such a large part of my famlies' lives in a positive way, it would most definately be missed. I'm sure I would continue to try to log in "just to see" if I could.

Would I do another game? It would be difficult and I would absolutely do some pouting for a while before considering another game. I think hubby would have an easier time moving on since he has done a few games over the years that he enjoyed.

Would there be much notice from Blizzard I wonder? Would I wake up and its gone? There would be a sense of loss not having my main toon, Justamom, who has made so many friends in the game. Miss the joking around and poking fun. There would probably be support groups set up for people like myself who would go through withdrawals and mourning.

It's a sad story that will have an ending but I'm no so curious to see it played out.

Guild Bank Maintenance

As an officer and long time member of the guild, I manage alot of the gbank transactions. I'm curious as to how most guilds maintain their gbanks. Every so often I will go in and clear out some old mats or gear and sell them, placing the gold back in the bank. I will distribute among regular guildies any excessive pots, scrolls, flasks and food etc. We use our gold for guild events and sometimes to help out a guild tank that has been doing alot of runs for the guild.

I try to deter folks from putting old mats in the gbank as they just take up too much room. It is absolutely much easier to organize the glyphs now with the colours and patterns for classes. It was a nightmare for a while.

I was just reading a post about a guild that has one tab as a free for all for guildies which I think is a great idea. Placing things that have been in the guild bank for a while or just old stuff. Putting a limit of 3 items per day to be removed. It can be hard to keep the balance of items at times and having a free for all tab may help.

Perhaps it's just our guild but it seems people hate to ask for anything from the gbank hehehe. When gbanks started I was thinking there were going to be issues with some people trying to take advantage etc, but its been the opposite. People hate to ask and hate to take stuff. Hopefully with a free tab guildies will be more likely to dip in.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hangin' In a Major City

I look around while I'm in IF waiting for our raid to form. People in the AH, folks in the bank and at the mailbox and then those just jumping around saying silly stuff. Some are afk and I'm sure googling stuff about gear or spec. Some guy is stood in a santa costume really not appearing out of place as you will often find me in a bunny ears.
What does my druid teenage daughter do in the major city?? Tries on clothes in the AH. Yup...true story. She goes through gear as if at Bloomingdales determining which pieces fit her best and colours that match her skin tones. She particularly loves to start with shoulders and work from there to create an outfit that is "sick" as she puts it. It doesn't matter whether its leather, cloth, mail or plate. The weapons come last and she will even put on a gun just to see how it looks. Siarah's Warcraft world is definately like the image I've placed. Just a girl lookin' for the perfect outfit.

Funny what we do in major cities when we are bored. What do you do? I know thats you over there hopping around on the bridge, spinning your mount. Stop asking me to duel. Move your mammoth off the mailbox. Too many damn toy trains.

Justamom's Sunday Warcraft Trivia

Test yourselves and see how much you know about Warcraft without looking them up. These questions will be all WOW related with varying degrees of difficulty. Just place the question number and answer in your post.

1. Near which Alliance town is the Darkmoon Fair currently being held?

2. What are the names of the 4 towers in EOS?

3. A warcraft word that means “A nomadic tribe or group”?

4. What is the newest Alliance flight path to their first quest area in STV?

5. What is the maximum gold allowed for a toon?

6. Where would you find the Zandalar Tribe?

7. In what two locations would you find Timbermaw Furbolgs?

8. When you do the quest ““Chen’s Empty Keg” who do you gain reputation with?

9. Where does the rare mount “Swift Zulian Tiger”?

10. Which boss drops the Gloves of Centering?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Don't Be That Guy

"Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity"

I know my guildies are sick of me talking about this when we raid. As a mother and raider its my job to remind folks when they raid to come prepared. Nothing more frustrating than having folks arrive without flasks, food, bullets, reagents, pots etc. Regular raiding is expensive but if you plan to raid then you have to come up with a way to make gold to pay for supplies.

Of course people forget from time to time and I don't mind helping them out but its the people that show up regularly unprepared that put me over the edge. It is particularly important to come prepared if you are undergeared or your damage is very low. Flasks and buffed food make an incredible difference in damage/healing/tanking. If only 2 people are left on a boss and his health is low, it could make the difference in taking him down.

ie. My hunter hubby was in MT on the final boss, Kael'thas. He had taken a plus 30 stam food before the fight and was the last man standing with 290 health to take the final shots. Without that buffed food it would have been another wipe.

Don't let people carry you through a raid. Do your best to be at the top of your game. White damage is embarrassing and your toon should not just be on auto pilot when others are workin their buns off. I don't expect everyone to be top damage; (I'm certainly not) however, I do expect people to put in the effort.

Make me proud and don't be a burden to others when you raid. Come prepared.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Buying Rolls

So you are stinking rich with gold. You can afford to buy anything in the game you want. You are pugging in Wintergrasp Vault and there are 3 other hunters there besides yourself. You message the hunters privately and offer them 2k each for any Furious hunter pieces that may drop. Thankfully they all agree.

After about 5 attempts at Emelon you finally see him go down and are happily suprised to see the Furious Gladiator's Chain Gauntlets drop. So you pass out 2k to 3 hunters for a total 6000g.

That is my husbands story from last night. I was somewhat shocked he paid 6k for the gloves but he feels there is nothing else he is really interested in spending his gold on and his luck with drops has been crappy. In his opinion, what is the point in having it if you can't use it to get the things you want in the game.

Me, on the hand, I feel a little sleezy about it. I guess if you are pugging its not quite so bad, but I wouldn't want to put pressure on guildies to give up their roll. For those other 3 hunters I assume the gold was more important to them and they would wait their turn for the gloves to drop. I'm happy hubby got them...but just feel a little unsure about buying rolls.

Ulduar - I'm Just Not Feelin' It

I went to Ulduar for the first time the other day doing 10 man. The first vehicle fight I thought was alot of fun and I had the easy job as a passenger just shielding us and shooting at stuff. We did 6 bosses but struggled to get Ignis down. Overall it was an unexpected success. I was thinking it would be much more difficult to get through Ulduar than it was Naxx. I'm sure 25 and those hard modes are much more intense.

I do love that they have created these hard modes for the heavy raiders. Nice to have something for everyone. Yes of course if you put in the time and the skills you deserve the best loots.

Although doing Ulduar was fun there was a sense of disappointment. Perhaps my expectations of the game are higher. I'm not sure what it is, but something from Ulduar is missing for me. I think aside from the first fight it kinda lacks creativity. It was a little "ho hum" to me. I was happy with our success but felt a lack of "vavavoom" from Ulduar. I didn't feel that Blizzard stepped it up a notch. The first fight was very cool but the other bosses thus far seemed the same to me as every other instance.

In my mind Kara was very creative and entertaining but then again I haven't been to places like Black Temple.

Perhaps it's just me?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chasing A Caravan

I am uncertain if I'm being clever or insane. In Desolace there is a caravan that travels north to south then south to north and the NPC, Cork Gizelton puts out a bot at either end of his pat. There are 6 different cooking recipes to get from each bot. None of the recipes seem common in the AH from what I've seen.
The bot stays open for about 10-15mins. It takes about 45 minutes from when he opens the bot for him to relocate to the other spot to open the other bot. The top picture shows the path he takes and where he stops.

So the other day I did it 4 times to get the recipes which I bought for a few silver each. I've sold some between 20-28g each. There are two in particular that are more popular than others and I think could easily sell for 40g or more.

You will need lots of space in your bags as they don't stack. Depending on your server, this may be a good mid level money maker. So before you start reading blogs or watching stuff on Youtube, find this guy and position yourself for the first bot. Once you have the first set of recipes go to the other location and do your reading or tv watching and return in 45mins to see the other bot.
Not a fun activity but when you aren't in the game its a great way to pop in for some sales.
Oh and please note that there is a quest with this NPC and so that may make his travel time a little longer.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Justamom's Sunday Warcraft Trivia

Test yourselves and see how much you know about Warcraft without looking them up. These questions will be all WOW related with varying degrees of difficulty. Just place the question number and answer in your post.

1. There is a lumberjack in Elwynn Forest named Terry Palin. Where was the name “Terry Palin” derived from?

2. What is the name of the cat that runs through Naxx and where did the name originate?

3. What is the name of the "Grand Master Engineer" in the Zangarmarsh?

4. Who gives out the quest With a Little Help From My Friends in Ungoro Crater?

5. The original World of Warcraft was released in what month and year celebrating 10th anniversary of the Warcraft franchise.

6. Where in the game would you find an NPC named Ophera Windfury?

7. One of the quests in Netherstorm, Outland, is called Needs More Cowbell where the player needs to find the cow Bessy using a bell. Where did the Needs More Cowbell reference originate?
8. The episode, titled Make Love, Not Warcraft, was aired on 4th October 2006 and it was the second half premiere of the tenth season. Which show are we referring to?

9. In the 2005 Christmas event, several new NPCs and quests were added for a short period of time. One of the quests requested that you rescued __________ the Reindeer. What is the raindeer’s name?

10. Who Did Illidan Fight In Order To Claim The Title Of Ruler of Outlands?

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Nagging Pain While You Play?

Myself and my husband were discussing the "nag" word today and when is it that someone (me I guess we are referring to) is nagging. Now, I don't think I nag at all. I provide gentle reminders of things that I know would not be taken care of without words of encouragement:) Hubby's opinion is quite the contrary and even stretches into the game. When we can't get a boss down he tells everyone to stand back and send Justamom in and she'll nag K.T. to death *raising eyebrow* /sigh

I wonder how many of you get nagged while you play? I would guess you would respond in one of the following ways and I would appreciate your feedback on this:

1. Ignore your parter and continue to play

2. Do the task immediately to stop the nagging

3. Commit to do it later

4. Log out in anger, doing the task and pouting all nite and not return to the game

5. Or perhaps you avoid the nagging by doing everything before you log in

6. Maybe you have a nag-free life?

OH and definition of nagging:

To annoy by constant scolding, complaining, or urging.

My husband is nag-free...he just doesn't know it.....hmmm I must continue to remind him of that:P

Dwarf Chicks Make the Best Drinking Buddies

The first guild myself and hubby joined there were talks of raiding and lots of fun together but once we got in there we soon realized that the guild was not as described and was totally inactive. The GM was always asking me for gold, there were no runs of anything and although they had intensions of becoming something awesome, it was absolutely falling flat fast. We probably stayed a couple of months before getting an invite to Aculeus Upon Ordeum.

As soon as we joined we had welcomes all around and the mood was light, fun but busy. A casual raiding guild that was high energy and seemed to have a great attitude and we loved it immediately. It wasn't long before we were on vent for the first time and talking with these folks who were easy to be around, helpful and knew exactly the direction of the guild. We felt totally at home and knew this was where we wanted to be. One of the main officers, a little dwarf hunter, was especially impressive with vast knowledge of the game, toon and and an enthusiasm that was infectious. You couldn't help but be impressed.

That dwarf hunter soon become my dearest friend and the guild GM. We talk just about everyday...sometimes about nothing and sometimes about the dramas in our lives. My Breana has been like a family member, even talking to my daughter from time to time about issues she has. Always when hubby dyed his hair epic purple for the Make A Wish Foundation last year or when I was in a panic to tank on my mage in Gruuls. She listens to me ramble on about family stuff and my daycare kids.

Breana is such a strong amazing person. Outside the game, she is remarkable writer, a book reading monster, funny, intelligent, honest and overall a great friend. Now moved away from the game somewhat and working on her own personal blog. This week she opened up on her blog about her personal issue of Dyslexia that she struggles with. She has put herself out there in the game and in life for folks to learn from. Having Bre at my side in the last couple of years has just been nothing but a positive experience that has enhanced my life and that of my family. Although we are hundreds of miles away and live in different countries, I'd be lost without her.

CHEERS to the folks we meet in an online game that bring so much laughter and friendship to our lives.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I can't really say what it is, but I just don't get the thrill most people do when obtaining an achievement. When we did a couple of achivements as a guild group on one occassion, I enjoyed playing with other guildies for a common goal, but when it dings that I have obtained an achievement I'm kinda "meh" about it.

I know I have guildies that are working very hard to get achievements done but I just don't have the enthusiasm for it. That being said, I get my rush from other ways in the game that perhaps are "meh" to you. When I strike an incredible deal in the AH, when I have a full page of AH sales, when I kill a difficult mob or perhaps escape an enemy.

I absolutely respect those who are into achievements and I know some of them are crazy difficult. One of our guildies, Miss Millie, is working on the Mountain o' Mounts achievement. Now that is some freakin' achivement to get. Perhaps because there are so many of them, they don't seem like achievements. I'm sure I /farted in an instance the other day and got an achievement hehehe. Sometimes it just feels that way.

Maybe if there were achivements in the area of making gold or sales, I would feel differently. I'm kinda surprised there aren't achivements in AH sales. Making 5k in a day or selling 100 items etc. Those might be achievements I'd be interested in and I think there would be a large number of other folks that would enjoy them.

An Oldie But a Goodie

There are alot of great instances but one of my favs is Durnholde Keep. Here you travel back in time by 7 years to the Old Hillsbrad Foothills. I even love the dragon flight down to the Caverns of Time. Although that LONG damn quest following that chick around is totally annoying hehehe.

My hubby loves the part after helping Thrall escape, he punches a guy in the face in order to get weapons. Everytime we go in that room my hubby says "wait for it, wait for it" POW! hehehe

You can do this instance at level 66 but, its no walk in the park at those levels. Lots of attacks on Thrall coming out of the Keep and its difficult to keep up with them at those levels. You need at least of couple of reasonbly geared 70s to take some of the stress off. Mages you can actually do some sheeping in this instance.

Following Thrall for the first time when he mounts up was very exciting and helping him to free Taretha's (although she never seemed captive to me) hehe. I love the feel of this instance and the history that goes with it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quest-ion of Insanity

Dr. Benwick: "Kathrine how are you this morning?"

Kathrine: "5 more vulture gizzards, 2 more boar lungs"

Dr. Benwick: "Are you still referring to those quests in the Blasted Lands, Kathrine?"

Kathrine: "5 more vulture gizzards, 2 more boar lungs"

Dr. Benwick: "You do realize these are just a few simple quests, correct?"

Kathrine: "Who killed those f***** vultures, those were mine!"

Dr. Benwick: "Those will respawn again Kathrine, no need to upset yourself"

Kathrine: "PVE SERVER....can't kill the horde can't kill the horde...thieves all thieves...taking my kills"

Dr. Benwick: "Lets take a deep breath, slow your rocking and calm down Kathrine"

Kathrine: "Bloodmage Drazial wants 3 more f***** boar's I look like a butcher? Do I?"

Dr. Benwick: Lets remember this is just a quest Kathrine.

Kathrine: 1...2...3...4...5...6...7... 8
8 boars dead..only 1 can this be? Who took their lungs? I need those lungs, I need them now! ...the bloodmage is waiting.

Dr. Benwick: "I think it best you place your dagger on the table Kathrine"

Kathrine: "Dagger is dull, dagger is dull....must kill more birds...need more gizzards, need more lungs"

Kathrine: "Give me my dagger, GIVE IT TO ME!" You will pay, you will all pay"

Kathrine: "Take this off me, take it off me ...I must have my boar's lungs and gizzards!"

Kathrine: "Noooo, stop this, take this off me"

Dr. Benwick: "Don't struggle Kathrine, they are just trying to help you."

Kathrine: Noooooo I must kill them, I must kill them allll

Even Lowbies Need a Job

Don't let your lowbie toons sit and be slackers. Use your toons wisely to make gold for you. Here are a few ideas to put these lowbies back into the workforce for you.

1)Use a lowbie toon as a banker to place items up in the AH. You can use your main toon to do this as well to avoid saturating the market. Use this bank toon to store most your goodies so that they are in one spot and you know exactly how much AH items you have. I used this method before the patch to ready myself for sales.

2)A mid ranged farming toon with mining or herbalism would be great. Thorium is selling for crazy prices and mid range herbs for alchemists and scribes is another good money maker. Leave these toons in that particular zone to do their job and take them out for a couple of hours per week

3) If you have two 80's with any skill that can bring some quick gold, especially if they can both do a cooking daily, titansteel, JC daily etc. take advantage of it.

4) You could also place a toon at a neutral AH but really research the items you place there. There are lots of great blogs about WOW and its economy so use these resources to put you in the right direction.
I certainly realize most folks probably don't farm as much as I do but these are just a few options to make the most of your toons.
Greedy Globlin, Warcraft Econ, Just My Two Copper are just a couple of the great blogs that show you how to make gold efficiently.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Laying Out the Rules for Pugs

When you are looking for a pug, you should always have some general guidelines to provide your pug with so that things are clear.

Here are the rules I would expect a pug to follow.

1. Let us know how long you can stay so that there are no surprises in the middle of the raid that we need to replace you

2. Don't come doing white damage and expect to take loot

3. Patterns/recipes etc go our guild first if someone needs it

4. We may ask you not to roll on a specific item that a guildie has been waiting for

5. You may roll on any other items aside from the above mentioned

6. Don't get greedy ....roll only on items that are an upgrade

7. Don't roll on stuff, just to DE it

8. BOE stuff, unless it is an upgrade for you, will go to our gbank

9. Don't create drama with nasty talk and complaints...we've been doing this raiding thing a while and have succeeded many times without you

10. If things go well we would love to invite you back as a regular pug with our guild

Most of us hate pugging ourselves and hate having to invite pugs to our raids. I definately have expectations of pugs who come into our raids. I also expect when our guildies are pugging themselves out to be just as courteous and represent the guild well.

Be fair and clear about the rules up front with your pugs so that there are no misunderstandings. They are part of your team for that period of time and things will go smoothly provided they know what is expected of them.