Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hangin' In a Major City

I look around while I'm in IF waiting for our raid to form. People in the AH, folks in the bank and at the mailbox and then those just jumping around saying silly stuff. Some are afk and I'm sure googling stuff about gear or spec. Some guy is stood in a santa costume really not appearing out of place as you will often find me in a bunny ears.
What does my druid teenage daughter do in the major city?? Tries on clothes in the AH. Yup...true story. She goes through gear as if at Bloomingdales determining which pieces fit her best and colours that match her skin tones. She particularly loves to start with shoulders and work from there to create an outfit that is "sick" as she puts it. It doesn't matter whether its leather, cloth, mail or plate. The weapons come last and she will even put on a gun just to see how it looks. Siarah's Warcraft world is definately like the image I've placed. Just a girl lookin' for the perfect outfit.

Funny what we do in major cities when we are bored. What do you do? I know thats you over there hopping around on the bridge, spinning your mount. Stop asking me to duel. Move your mammoth off the mailbox. Too many damn toy trains.


  1. Well...I'm guilty of that as well.that said,on more than one occasion....I did spend that 20..maybe 30g for that green just because it looked, "OH SO HIP!" Hip is the right word, right?

    Well TBH I have actually found myself keeping busy as of late, instead of my usual streaking around Dalaran, yelling at the general public. Oh, and of course getting friends to mass launch fireworks...and watch those that fall before us and D/C crumble!

  2. Guilty! No, not the Mammoth thing. the Fashionista thing. But I take it one step further. I actually select a good chunk of my gear based on how it looks. If it's only a slight upgrade, but looks hideos, no way. If it's only a slight downgrade/upgrade and looks good...score!

  3. What a bunch of geeks hehehe. Nah I did the trying on stuff in my early days of WOW but don't even notice anymore. Although I do like some of the pimpin' hats they have out:)

  4. I can't get over how cool that picture is. Krys, you are the man!!!

    I am sorry, I am too impatient to even bother to look, I just want stats...then I curse Blizz when I look like a clown.

  5. OMG! I never realized that people did that kind of thing. Sarah cracks me UP! I love her to death...

    But I have to say I'm with Bre and I think Rorik would agree. I'm all about stats and good upgrades and then just gripe and moan when I end up looking like an r-tard.

  6. Hey I think Rorik is very particular...not just any colour skirt will do ya know.