Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The End of Days

I became a tad emotional yesterday as I was reading The Death of WoW at Wow Economics. Just the thought that Warcraft will end some day is kinda sad to me.

All the time spent earning and building our toons will all of a sudden be gone as if they never existed. The game has become such a large part of my famlies' lives in a positive way, it would most definately be missed. I'm sure I would continue to try to log in "just to see" if I could.

Would I do another game? It would be difficult and I would absolutely do some pouting for a while before considering another game. I think hubby would have an easier time moving on since he has done a few games over the years that he enjoyed.

Would there be much notice from Blizzard I wonder? Would I wake up and its gone? There would be a sense of loss not having my main toon, Justamom, who has made so many friends in the game. Miss the joking around and poking fun. There would probably be support groups set up for people like myself who would go through withdrawals and mourning.

It's a sad story that will have an ending but I'm no so curious to see it played out.


  1. I will give you a moarning period, then you will follow me to what ever game I am currently playing...that is an order...I mean a request.

    * chocolates are available upon request*.

  2. but Ma I don't wanna go:( /pout

    There's chocolate? Ok I'm there

  3. I . . . wow. I have no idea. I guess I'll be playing my Wii more if that ever happened.

    Someone will have to start a WoW retirement community for those that want to reminisce of the "good ol days". . .