Thursday, June 4, 2009


I can't really say what it is, but I just don't get the thrill most people do when obtaining an achievement. When we did a couple of achivements as a guild group on one occassion, I enjoyed playing with other guildies for a common goal, but when it dings that I have obtained an achievement I'm kinda "meh" about it.

I know I have guildies that are working very hard to get achievements done but I just don't have the enthusiasm for it. That being said, I get my rush from other ways in the game that perhaps are "meh" to you. When I strike an incredible deal in the AH, when I have a full page of AH sales, when I kill a difficult mob or perhaps escape an enemy.

I absolutely respect those who are into achievements and I know some of them are crazy difficult. One of our guildies, Miss Millie, is working on the Mountain o' Mounts achievement. Now that is some freakin' achivement to get. Perhaps because there are so many of them, they don't seem like achievements. I'm sure I /farted in an instance the other day and got an achievement hehehe. Sometimes it just feels that way.

Maybe if there were achivements in the area of making gold or sales, I would feel differently. I'm kinda surprised there aren't achivements in AH sales. Making 5k in a day or selling 100 items etc. Those might be achievements I'd be interested in and I think there would be a large number of other folks that would enjoy them.


  1. Millie got mount #79 last night, the 8000 gold Hodir mammoth. I was looking for an achievement tracking database that I could use to see if anyone else on Bleeding Hollow has the Mountain of Mounts achievement, or how close they are, but couldn't find anything.

    I like it when I get an achievement, but I rarely seek them out.

  2. OH WOW ...I had no idea Millie was so close to getting it Rorik...thats awesome

  3. Sign on to Bleeding Hollow more often and you'll keep up with this kind of information! That's right, I went there... ;)

  4. Bleeding Hollow?? What the hell is that? hehehe I know I know...I'll get in there more often.

  5. Yeah I can relate, I honestly don't get into the achivements. I remember writing about this on my gaming website (that is now in limbo.)

    I might pursue some of the pvp achievements since I do enjoy that. If they had an achivement for playing the Auction House I most likely would puruse that too.

  6. Boyfriend's got that cheesement. He's a total cheesewhore though, so yeah.

    As for myself, I pretty much do achievements when I don't feel like doing anything else. Don't feel like questing? Do a cheese run for something... maybe you'll feel like questing when you get into that area and see all the little "!"s staring at you. Don't feel like farming? Well, it's me. I never feel like farming. ^_^ I spent a good portion of the hockey game last night fishing coins up in Dalaran, mostly because it's something mindless I can do while I'm watching the game.