Thursday, June 18, 2009

Questing for Something Else

So the last few days I've done a ton BG's on my resto 69 druid which I've loved. I just can't seem to make myself quest though. Perhaps because I've also been leveling a toon on another server that I find the thought of questing presently sickening to me hehehe.

Last night I did something I never do and that was push for a run. "So who wants to do Kara?" One of our dedicated DK's spoke up "I'll go after Vaults" then my favorite Pally offered to tank. We would still need a healer, just in case we went a little crazy. After a pushy long distance call, I had Bre come on her Priest and her husband on his rogue and of course my husband had no choice in the matter. I think we had 9 by the time it was all said and done.

It was such a fun relaxing night for our guildies. When guilds go through alot changes, getting out there and doing some fun stuff together can definately help get things back on track. Sometimes we may go in different directions in the game but making time for some fun easy play can certainly create a nice relaxing mood for everyone.

It was a fun night which we plan to do more often. I'm still lovin' Kara.


  1. I had an absolute BLAST doing that run last night! Thanks for letting my tag along on 'me huntar!

    (Still have to go train and skill up that shiny new bow - A dwarf with a bow... /cry)

  2. Kara is still fun no matter when you run it. Een if you're horribly overpowered for it, it's still funny to do with your friends and guildmates and always results in fun memories, past or present.

  3. It was mucho fun, hon! I will always love Kara, not just because of the raid, but because I always ran it with you guys. It was a blast healing last night. It will be repeated. Thanks for calling me to come on.

    /hugs and kisses


  4. Thank God I was there on my 69 resto to keep you up Bre:P

  5. Hey, I thought I was your favorite paladin! /pout

  6. ...and now it really hit me how I actually miss Kara. I need to go there soon, when I have the time to sneak out of fighting Yogg-Saron and his comrades. Kara just has so many great memories.