Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Men Being Men in WoW

Another funny little moment in the game I wanted to share. When I was out one day in Nagrand a few months back I came upon an alliance who, if I remember correctly, helped me kill some horde that were ganking. He loved my toon's name "Justamom" and after that day would often simply send a tell of "hi mommy" every time he saw me online. All in good fun of course. We never raided together or farmed together but just always that quick "hi mommy" when he logged in and to ask how my day was going.

One day I was shocked to get a message from him that said "sup fag" then next line "MT" hehehe. I thought I would bust a gut laughing at this guy. He was was sooooo embarrassed to say that to me... apologizing like crazy. He was always so respectful and mild. I know that this how it is for young guys when chatting with others, to BS around like that.
Hubby and I had a great laugh about it and now when he messages "hi mommy" to me, my only response is "sup fag". Always makes me smile:)


  1. That's too funny. I'm regarded as the "guild mom". Until people get to know me, they tend to be on their best behavior when I'm around. So it's always hilarious when we have new members that say something in guild chat then all of the sudden say "OMG Eury, I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't have said that" or whisper me and say "I'm sorry, was that okay to say in guild?". I always get a kick out of it and we NEVER NEVER EVER scheme in Officer chat how to mess with people who are overly concerned they might offend me.

    Never. We'd never do that. EVER.

  2. Us guys never stop fearing our Mothers... When our Mothers pass on, that fear lives on through our wives...