Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Even Lowbies Need a Job

Don't let your lowbie toons sit and be slackers. Use your toons wisely to make gold for you. Here are a few ideas to put these lowbies back into the workforce for you.

1)Use a lowbie toon as a banker to place items up in the AH. You can use your main toon to do this as well to avoid saturating the market. Use this bank toon to store most your goodies so that they are in one spot and you know exactly how much AH items you have. I used this method before the patch to ready myself for sales.

2)A mid ranged farming toon with mining or herbalism would be great. Thorium is selling for crazy prices and mid range herbs for alchemists and scribes is another good money maker. Leave these toons in that particular zone to do their job and take them out for a couple of hours per week

3) If you have two 80's with any skill that can bring some quick gold, especially if they can both do a cooking daily, titansteel, JC daily etc. take advantage of it.

4) You could also place a toon at a neutral AH but really research the items you place there. There are lots of great blogs about WOW and its economy so use these resources to put you in the right direction.
I certainly realize most folks probably don't farm as much as I do but these are just a few options to make the most of your toons.
Greedy Globlin, Warcraft Econ, Just My Two Copper are just a couple of the great blogs that show you how to make gold efficiently.

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