Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quest-ion of Insanity

Dr. Benwick: "Kathrine how are you this morning?"

Kathrine: "5 more vulture gizzards, 2 more boar lungs"

Dr. Benwick: "Are you still referring to those quests in the Blasted Lands, Kathrine?"

Kathrine: "5 more vulture gizzards, 2 more boar lungs"

Dr. Benwick: "You do realize these are just a few simple quests, correct?"

Kathrine: "Who killed those f***** vultures, those were mine!"

Dr. Benwick: "Those will respawn again Kathrine, no need to upset yourself"

Kathrine: "PVE SERVER....can't kill the horde can't kill the horde...thieves all thieves...taking my kills"

Dr. Benwick: "Lets take a deep breath, slow your rocking and calm down Kathrine"

Kathrine: "Bloodmage Drazial wants 3 more f***** boar's lungs...do I look like a butcher? Do I?"

Dr. Benwick: Lets remember this is just a quest Kathrine.

Kathrine: 1...2...3...4...5...6...7... 8
8 boars dead..only 1 lung...how can this be? Who took their lungs? I need those lungs, I need them now! ...the bloodmage is waiting.

Dr. Benwick: "I think it best you place your dagger on the table Kathrine"

Kathrine: "Dagger is dull, dagger is dull....must kill more birds...need more gizzards, need more lungs"

Kathrine: "Give me my dagger, GIVE IT TO ME!" You will pay, you will all pay"

Kathrine: "Take this off me, take it off me ...I must have my boar's lungs and gizzards!"

Kathrine: "Noooo, stop this, take this off me"

Dr. Benwick: "Don't struggle Kathrine, they are just trying to help you."

Kathrine: Noooooo I must kill them, I must kill them allll


  1. /hugs

    My friends will tell you, every time we start a collection quest (and this has been going on for over 4 years, and a dozen or more characters on two servers), I have the same refrain:


  2. lol pretty funny...
    If they take too long I'll drop the quest. I dislike them that much.

  3. For me I also wasn't realizing that in the old world repeatable quests still have the yellow exclaimation mark above the questgivers head.
    So no xp the second time round. I'm thinking thats probably anything pre-BC?

    The problem with this set of quests is that when you pick up 1 item it counts for more than 1 quest but you still need the total amount. If that makes sense.

  4. Roffle...that is great. And tell Krys that picture is beyond win! He even got you rocking-awesome.

    I think those are the most confusing collection quests in the game because they overlap each other and make it hard to know what you need for what. Then the conufsing yellow exlamintion mark-grrr I totally forgot about that.

    Sorry hon that you spent so much time doing them again...I hope the trama doesn't do tooo much damamge.


  5. Excellent post.

    Thst set of quests has got to be the most annoying ones in the game.

  6. That's hilarious.

    Regarding the boar lungs, I remember going off on a similar rant in /gchat when obtaining Murloc eyes early on in my WoW career.

    "How is it that I'm killing all these Murlocs and not getting eyes! Should I not be getting two eyes per Murloc? Is my knowledge of basic biology that poor?"

  7. I believe my exact words were "I can see that each of these zevras have four hooves. WHY DO I ONLY GET ONE?"

    There's also my personal favourite of "This murloc did not drop his head. I believe we should call the authorities in for this terrible, terrible abomination of nature."