Monday, June 1, 2009

Laying Out the Rules for Pugs

When you are looking for a pug, you should always have some general guidelines to provide your pug with so that things are clear.

Here are the rules I would expect a pug to follow.

1. Let us know how long you can stay so that there are no surprises in the middle of the raid that we need to replace you

2. Don't come doing white damage and expect to take loot

3. Patterns/recipes etc go our guild first if someone needs it

4. We may ask you not to roll on a specific item that a guildie has been waiting for

5. You may roll on any other items aside from the above mentioned

6. Don't get greedy ....roll only on items that are an upgrade

7. Don't roll on stuff, just to DE it

8. BOE stuff, unless it is an upgrade for you, will go to our gbank

9. Don't create drama with nasty talk and complaints...we've been doing this raiding thing a while and have succeeded many times without you

10. If things go well we would love to invite you back as a regular pug with our guild

Most of us hate pugging ourselves and hate having to invite pugs to our raids. I definately have expectations of pugs who come into our raids. I also expect when our guildies are pugging themselves out to be just as courteous and represent the guild well.

Be fair and clear about the rules up front with your pugs so that there are no misunderstandings. They are part of your team for that period of time and things will go smoothly provided they know what is expected of them.


  1. That's a nice list

    With my Horde Guild we have occasionally Pugged people; however, they usually aren't strangers to all of us. Someone has grouped with them before. I always liked that our Guild Leader gave the pugged people equal opportunity to roll on anything that was an upgrade that included recipes. Our guild thoughts were they contributed to the run like our guildmates so they should have an equal opportunity to roll on things.

    The loot is set to Master Loot and an officer hands out the item. It always goes to the person who needs it most. They are a great bunch of people and won't roll on something if it is a better upgrade for someone else. I loved raiding with them, but the time was too early for myself. My daughter is still awake at 8:00 and I won't raid when she is awake.

    I guess I'm the oddball I love PUGs and even though I'm in two great guilds I still actively PUG. My best in-game friends were met via PUGs. :) It does have its benefits whenever I want to run something I know I can get into a group even if I cannot get a run in-guild. My first raid experience was a 25 man Naxx PUG. The leader was amazing and so were the people that were part of the raid. :)

  2. I've also had the experience of having great pugs but have been on the other side as well of pugs that are AFKing a ton, being attentive etc.

    I think by setting out some guidelines it does help keep things smooth. Whatever the rules are about loot etc, as long as everyone is aware.

    Thanks for the post:)

  3. I agree with you that rules should be made clear before hand. And that's it.

    No wonder you hate pugs. With a rule list like that, decent players will stay far away unless they are really bored or really desperate.

    I too love pugs and I don't think moondancer is odd. I think he/she has good experiences precisely because of the rules she plays with.

    I humbly suggest you are shooting yourself in the foot with a rule list like that.

  4. Good lord, no I would never lay a list like that on a pug. Its more a guide I guess or wish list of the perfect pug hehe.

    Our raid leader general just gives a sentence or two about looting. It has to be clear as conflict during the raid is just too frustrating. BUT if other issues come up like AFKing constantly or rolling on gear that isn't upgrade etc, it would be addressed.

    The expectations of behaviour are a given and mentioned here hopefully to open the eyes of those who pug to be consious of their behaviour.

    I'm very grateful that our pugging experiences have generally been a very positive one and we've been fortunate enough to have a couple join our guild.

    That being said...don't run away scared:)