Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chasing A Caravan

I am uncertain if I'm being clever or insane. In Desolace there is a caravan that travels north to south then south to north and the NPC, Cork Gizelton puts out a bot at either end of his pat. There are 6 different cooking recipes to get from each bot. None of the recipes seem common in the AH from what I've seen.
The bot stays open for about 10-15mins. It takes about 45 minutes from when he opens the bot for him to relocate to the other spot to open the other bot. The top picture shows the path he takes and where he stops.

So the other day I did it 4 times to get the recipes which I bought for a few silver each. I've sold some between 20-28g each. There are two in particular that are more popular than others and I think could easily sell for 40g or more.

You will need lots of space in your bags as they don't stack. Depending on your server, this may be a good mid level money maker. So before you start reading blogs or watching stuff on Youtube, find this guy and position yourself for the first bot. Once you have the first set of recipes go to the other location and do your reading or tv watching and return in 45mins to see the other bot.
Not a fun activity but when you aren't in the game its a great way to pop in for some sales.
Oh and please note that there is a quest with this NPC and so that may make his travel time a little longer.


  1. If you're playing Horde there is an unlimited supply located at The Crossroads (I believe.) Those two were always great sellers for my Horde toons. The rcispy bat wings, along with a few others, did well too.

  2. Protip!

    thanks! I will make a point of dropping in to pick these up when I get around to leveling mining.

    Oh how I loathe not being able to fly. I really need to just suck it up and get it done, this might give me the extra motivation required!

    PS: I'm an avid reader of wow gold making sites and blogs and I've not read about this before. Thanks again,

    - Zupa =)

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