Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ulduar - I'm Just Not Feelin' It

I went to Ulduar for the first time the other day doing 10 man. The first vehicle fight I thought was alot of fun and I had the easy job as a passenger just shielding us and shooting at stuff. We did 6 bosses but struggled to get Ignis down. Overall it was an unexpected success. I was thinking it would be much more difficult to get through Ulduar than it was Naxx. I'm sure 25 and those hard modes are much more intense.

I do love that they have created these hard modes for the heavy raiders. Nice to have something for everyone. Yes of course if you put in the time and the skills you deserve the best loots.

Although doing Ulduar was fun there was a sense of disappointment. Perhaps my expectations of the game are higher. I'm not sure what it is, but something from Ulduar is missing for me. I think aside from the first fight it kinda lacks creativity. It was a little "ho hum" to me. I was happy with our success but felt a lack of "vavavoom" from Ulduar. I didn't feel that Blizzard stepped it up a notch. The first fight was very cool but the other bosses thus far seemed the same to me as every other instance.

In my mind Kara was very creative and entertaining but then again I haven't been to places like Black Temple.

Perhaps it's just me?


  1. I haven't been in there yet although a few of my Horde guildies have been trying to get me to come along. I'm in no rush to do that even though I enjoy healing. I do think Deimonia will take a peek inside Ulduar someday.

  2. Nahh, it's not just you. I feel it too. The dwarf's commentary doesn't do anything but make it feel like a Disneyland ride. Go here: Kill boss. Go there: Kill boss. Go to the next place: Kill another boss. But I don't have any sense of continuity (and that sense was missing to some extent in Naxx, as well, but at least you had Sapph & KT to finish up with).

    Of course I've only downed 5 bosses myself: Maybe it gets more intense with Iron Council and beyond.

  3. You might want to try giving a go at the keepers and skip the optional bosses if your 10 man raid has the gear for it. I find the action really picks up once you start getting to the meat of ulduar (the inner cloister)