Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Buying Rolls

So you are stinking rich with gold. You can afford to buy anything in the game you want. You are pugging in Wintergrasp Vault and there are 3 other hunters there besides yourself. You message the hunters privately and offer them 2k each for any Furious hunter pieces that may drop. Thankfully they all agree.

After about 5 attempts at Emelon you finally see him go down and are happily suprised to see the Furious Gladiator's Chain Gauntlets drop. So you pass out 2k to 3 hunters for a total 6000g.

That is my husbands story from last night. I was somewhat shocked he paid 6k for the gloves but he feels there is nothing else he is really interested in spending his gold on and his luck with drops has been crappy. In his opinion, what is the point in having it if you can't use it to get the things you want in the game.

Me, on the hand, I feel a little sleezy about it. I guess if you are pugging its not quite so bad, but I wouldn't want to put pressure on guildies to give up their roll. For those other 3 hunters I assume the gold was more important to them and they would wait their turn for the gloves to drop. I'm happy hubby got them...but just feel a little unsure about buying rolls.


  1. I think you could look at it as your spouse has just helped your hunters in getting new BoE items for themselves. 2k gold can easily buy an equivalent PvE epic for those hunters, and I would guess they are not PvPers since they were willing to pass on Furious Glad Gloves for the gold. In a sense, your husband has helped them by trading PVP items (that were useless for them) for gold (which they can use to buy PvE items that they want)!

    Don't feel bad about that! :D

  2. Sherry thats a great way of looking at it. I forget there are folks out there that may not be interested in PVP gear.

  3. He was stimulating the server economy! I've had offers to pass on gear myself, however none quite that nice. Someone actually thought I'd pass my winning roll on my valorous chest piece for 100g. Silly rabbit!!

    In all seriousness though, if you have the gold it doesn't hurt to ask. Especially on a place like VoA where you can run it several times and never see a drop for your class. Now that I think about it, I can't honestly remember the last time I mage gear drop in there!

  4. Is that guys in the picture what you think Krys looked like last night :P

    I know what you mean hon, but in a pug, hey, it is easy pickings. If I was in a pug and got an offer like that, I sure would have grabbed it! I am sure everyone involved got what they wanted. If they really wanted the gloves, they would have had told him no. We both know, there is no shortage of vocal asshats on BH.

  5. I have absolutely no issues with buying gear like that. I would only be concerned that I would get burned and the person would roll anyway after I paid them not to. Now, if someone offered to buy my roll, I declined and they kept pestering my about it, then I'd get mad.

    Way to go Krys on the new loot! I guess this means I need to get my PvP gear on again. :)

  6. I concur. Besides, from a PvE'ers perspective: I can take the 2000G guaranteed, or roll and maybe get nothing. The thing to watch for is if two of them take the gold but the third wants to roll. You could end up down 4k and with no gloves.

  7. All I have to say is, I wish it were that easy with mounts.