Friday, June 5, 2009

Dwarf Chicks Make the Best Drinking Buddies

The first guild myself and hubby joined there were talks of raiding and lots of fun together but once we got in there we soon realized that the guild was not as described and was totally inactive. The GM was always asking me for gold, there were no runs of anything and although they had intensions of becoming something awesome, it was absolutely falling flat fast. We probably stayed a couple of months before getting an invite to Aculeus Upon Ordeum.

As soon as we joined we had welcomes all around and the mood was light, fun but busy. A casual raiding guild that was high energy and seemed to have a great attitude and we loved it immediately. It wasn't long before we were on vent for the first time and talking with these folks who were easy to be around, helpful and knew exactly the direction of the guild. We felt totally at home and knew this was where we wanted to be. One of the main officers, a little dwarf hunter, was especially impressive with vast knowledge of the game, toon and and an enthusiasm that was infectious. You couldn't help but be impressed.

That dwarf hunter soon become my dearest friend and the guild GM. We talk just about everyday...sometimes about nothing and sometimes about the dramas in our lives. My Breana has been like a family member, even talking to my daughter from time to time about issues she has. Always when hubby dyed his hair epic purple for the Make A Wish Foundation last year or when I was in a panic to tank on my mage in Gruuls. She listens to me ramble on about family stuff and my daycare kids.

Breana is such a strong amazing person. Outside the game, she is remarkable writer, a book reading monster, funny, intelligent, honest and overall a great friend. Now moved away from the game somewhat and working on her own personal blog. This week she opened up on her blog about her personal issue of Dyslexia that she struggles with. She has put herself out there in the game and in life for folks to learn from. Having Bre at my side in the last couple of years has just been nothing but a positive experience that has enhanced my life and that of my family. Although we are hundreds of miles away and live in different countries, I'd be lost without her.

CHEERS to the folks we meet in an online game that bring so much laughter and friendship to our lives.


  1. What a wonderful post. Bre seems like a really nice person judging from what I've read about her on Gun Loving Dwarf Chick and now on her personal blog. I don't see her too much on SD then again the times I'm on varies too.

    Yep, I've met some fabulous people in-game sadly most of them have left the game but we still keep in contact via email and phone calls but part of me really does miss having those buddies in-game. I still enjoy the game but it's not the same without them.

  2. Yeah every now and again I call with the "come play with me in WOW" plea hehehe. She can't resist my mage charms:)

    My husband and daughter met with one our guildies and his wife on a trip to the US which I couldn't attend because of work. They had a great dinner and it was nice putting a face to someone.

    Some day I'll get to meet Bre and the other guildies in that area. Would be a hoot.

  3. /Blush
    I love you too, silly.
    Making me cry this early in the morning is a crime you know! And know, you have enriched my life just as much.

    Now I need to get tissues..brb :)

  4. Bre is one of the best dang fluggernubbers there is. Is a true joy ta know her, better even than tossing murlocs them ballista thingies.

  5. Indeed The Bre is awesome! So Sayeth Jess!

  6. I know exactly how you feel. It's funny how a silly game like this can help create real, honest friendships...frienships that we can treasure long after they shut down the servers for the last time.

  7. For those that didn't notice..this poster of Bre was created from the Pulp Fiction movie poster. Now you see the resemblance?

  8. @Justamom: Yeah, I caught that. Heck of a Photoshop job. Very clever.

  9. I wish I could take credit but hubby is the master of photoshop:) I do make a good scrambled egg though hehehe.

  10. Let me put this very simply: Bre is the best. No ifs, ands or buts.