Monday, June 22, 2009

Prospect This!

As most of you have heard with the upcoming patch you will be able to prospect titanium to obtain those epic gems. The prices for titanium after this announcement went insane on my server at 280g per stack. I'm not sure if anyone was buying them but that is what they were up for in the AH or 12g per individual ore.

Yesterday I noticed the prices were dropping to 180g per stack. I've been tossing around the thought whether I will prospect all my titanium or just sell them after the patch. My friend Rorik voiced his opinion that I should prospect them. I read a forum post where someone broke down the probability and talked about pricing. Unfortunately, I'm not great with numbers but the 25% probability rate is the best way for me to look at it. In my head right now I'm thinking of prospecting 2 stacks to start and see how it goes from there. Purchasing titanium to prospect isn't gonna happen on my end. I'll prospect whatever I have saved up until the patch. The competition for the titanium will slowly be increasing for sure. With 10 stacks of titanium stored away thus far, it's a good start for me.

In the meantime, the money has been good for mining. With the eternal shadows and earths I've been making the Shadowmight Rings for disenchantment getting 2-5 Infinite Dust per ring or a Greater Cosmic Essence. Selling a stack of infinite dust for around 70g per stack on our server. With all the saronite and trust me I've had tons of it, my patience with the AH is a little worn and so I sell it a little cheaper but in bulk to buyers. Saves me storage and patience:)

Now I have to think of a way to keep that holy pally Rorik out of icecrown, stealing my nodes. Hey Rorik...I have candy *holding out a mound of delicious sweet candy*

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  1. So the sad thing is that I don't have an alt that's up to mining titanium. So my JC habit will be getting pretty expensive unless I get off my butt and level an alt fast. In the meantime, I should start stocking up on cheap titanium when I see it. . .