Thursday, June 18, 2009

Putting Out the Welcome Mat

Spring has sprung and our guild has definately slowed down alot. Folks are out enjoying the warmer weather, walking, cycling, working in the yards, what kinda crap is that?? You people should be in the game kickin' some ass in Ulduar ....geez

With those words of encouragement I am putting out the welcome mat to new members. We are a casual raiding guild on the Bleeding Hollow server and currently our numbers are down as folks have moved on from the game or are enjoying the summer *rolling eyes*.

We would ask if you are interested, please fill in our guild application and come in for a body cavity search *pulling at the elastic from my latex gloves* . We are looking for mature fun players that have some time to do a little raiding, some new stuff and perhaps some old. As a member of our guild you should be easy going, reasonably competent with your class, not an imposer on other guildies and simply up for a fun time. During the cavity search if I find big egos, they will be removed piece by piece with tweezers before the invite goes out.

So come on over to Bleeding Hollow. We don't care what level your toon is, as long as you plan to level it up and you may be surprised to get a run or two if you behave yourselves:)

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