Friday, June 12, 2009

Don't Be That Guy

"Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity"

I know my guildies are sick of me talking about this when we raid. As a mother and raider its my job to remind folks when they raid to come prepared. Nothing more frustrating than having folks arrive without flasks, food, bullets, reagents, pots etc. Regular raiding is expensive but if you plan to raid then you have to come up with a way to make gold to pay for supplies.

Of course people forget from time to time and I don't mind helping them out but its the people that show up regularly unprepared that put me over the edge. It is particularly important to come prepared if you are undergeared or your damage is very low. Flasks and buffed food make an incredible difference in damage/healing/tanking. If only 2 people are left on a boss and his health is low, it could make the difference in taking him down.

ie. My hunter hubby was in MT on the final boss, Kael'thas. He had taken a plus 30 stam food before the fight and was the last man standing with 290 health to take the final shots. Without that buffed food it would have been another wipe.

Don't let people carry you through a raid. Do your best to be at the top of your game. White damage is embarrassing and your toon should not just be on auto pilot when others are workin their buns off. I don't expect everyone to be top damage; (I'm certainly not) however, I do expect people to put in the effort.

Make me proud and don't be a burden to others when you raid. Come prepared.


  1. Excellent post...
    I always strive to do best whether I'm raiding or running heroics with people within the guilds I'm part of PUGs (which I do a lot. I love them that much.)

    That mentality is common within some guilds. I imagine that some guildies think it's ok because they are friends with members within the guild. I find that mentality annoying.

    I make sure I come prepared. One of the ways I ensure that I'm always prepared is to mail myself items that I would need for raids/instances in doing so I only need to make a quick trek to the mailbox if I receive a tell to run something. If I'm available and need to restock I'll say sure but let me stop by the mailbox first to stock up. I've found that people do appreciate this.

  2. Now that I have the mammoth it definately helps with always having reagents and being able to repair for sure.

    I generally have at least 7 or 8 flasks on me and a stack or so of food. Alot of people become dependent on the feasts being laid down which I find a tad irritating. Bring your food and if someone is nice enough to lay out a fish feast then fine but don't expect it.

    For folks that don't raid often or are newer members I'll often pass some food or flask to them and send a PM mentioning they should come with both next time.

    I must come off like a bitch I'm sure hehehe. Nagged by their mom in RL and now a Mom in the game hahaha.

  3. I LOVE the graphic. I had to save a copy for my Demotivators archive. Goddamn zombies...