Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Healer's Work is Never Done

My 69 druid, Sarmiento, whom I've neglected for many months has taken a liking to doing BG's. I've always wanted to heal so resto it was. I haven't looked up a thing about resto yet but Siarah throws a few "what the hell are you doing using regrowth there?" etc. I am a spam healer I admit it. Throwing hots everywhere I can and just praying "please don't let the hordie touch me, please don't let the hordie touch me"

It's an exciting position to be in as a healer to keep folks up while they bring the pain but also a scarey place since good healers can change the tide of a game. I'm just lucky to stay alive hehe. Even without any knowledge and just throwing heals through healbot, folks are appreciative.

One day in AB I asked a DK..."hey, mind if I keep you healed and if you could keep the horde off me?" and his answer was "no thanks". Well you know what that meant heals for him but only death and destruction. I know what you are thinking.."what a bitch" and yes I was.

Offensively I panic and do stupid things like turn into travel form to get away which means immediate death or I'm too slow clicking my trinket to get out of a stun before my poor tree is just a pile of lumber.

BUT, even with all that...I love to heal. I doubt you will ever see me in a high level instance but if you are looking for a dedicated healer in a BG, give me a buzz.


  1. Me thinks that DK is not a team player. "no thanks" Pfft. I'da been all "yes please!" ;)

  2. Me thinks Syrana needs a toon on Bleeding Hollow...I'll be your pocket healer any day:)