Thursday, April 29, 2010

Decisions Decisions

I attend 10man ICC most weeks and as any gear pops up that is suitable for me I find it difficult to make the decision whether it is a true upgrade. Giving up some haste for more spell or gaining some critical strike. I never like to take loot from someone who it is truly an upgrade for. I've seen folks during our Naxx days take gear and never put it on when someone else who could really use it rolled for it and lost.

That being said I rolled against someone when I had a level 245 piece and it was an upgrade to 251 and said "no no give it to them its just a slight upgrade for me" Only to find out they had the exact same piece they were upgrading from. What a tangled web I weave.

At this point for most of my raids it is only a slight upgrade for most and I have to lose that mindset that I shouldn't roll on slight upgrades. I don't want to be greedy but I don't want to lose out on the opportunity to improve my toon. I only have 2 healing specs (pve and pvp) so I never roll on moonkin or dps pieces so I really should be more aware when gear comes my way.

Does anyone else spend too much time pondering gear during raids as I do? UGH


  1. I think we all do. Passing loot as a raid leader is my least favorite job. Our simple DKP helps because as we have become larger it makes giving out pieces easier and makes people do their homework (some might want to wait for something they really want to drop so they save their points.)

    I personally don't know the loot tables and try not to install more stuff like Atlas loot, but I probably should.

    I end up passing on a lot of gear though, because even slight upgrades sometimes end up sitting on the bank until they balance some other stat... just to be upgraded. Gear sometimes can suck.

    Thanks for the visit btw!

  2. When our guild was larger we had considered a DKP system but since we have shrunk and myself and hubby raid with another guild it wasn't an issue. I really should look at the loot available and make decisions ahead of time.

    Hubby would definitely go for the big breasted women:)

  3. I plan all my upgrades out ahead of time. I know what bosses drop what and where I need the most help. I am also the unofficial gear "guru" for my friends so they will have me help them plan out their upgrades for them.
    Its much easier to make decisions that way. Sometimes it can be fun on my alts though trying to decide if something is worth it or not.