Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blonde PVP moments

I've had many "ah ha" moments while pvping and since I didn't know alot of the skills of other classes you'll often see those little light bulb moments from me. There are a few things I've learned from pvping that many of you would say ..."she's such a nub" Let me share some with you.

1. Don't stay in tree form while there is lock around
Banish is a silly thing I often get caught in unnecessarily

2. I can actually take out a shammy totem with my branches
When it isn't a super intense fight I now try to get rid of those silly totems for me and my partners benefit

3. I can change forms when hexed by a shammy
Yes, I know you are all shaking your head but now I know

4. Can't get feared if I keep my distance from locks and priests
Learning when to keep my distance is coming with more experience and the timing of that distance is everything. There is a balance which I must obtain of knowing when my partner is in trouble and hots are running out and when to stay out when he is safe

5. Mortal strikes from warriors have to be taken much more seriously because they reduce my healing by such a crazy amount
I've often underestimated the mortal strike and just how much it affects my heals especially from a well geared warrior that can do intense damage. I'm definately being more aware when they are on me to root them when possible and keep myself topped off.

6. Importance of LOS
I still struggle with line of sight. Again the balance of popping a hot and hiding. I tend to want to be close to my partner to help him but I know I'm not helping if I'm dead or have no mana. Mana burns are my worst nightmare and I am working hard to avoid them. Somtimes I get caught up in healing and CCing an don't even realize until its too late. But, I am trying to be more conscious of them.

7. Last Woman Standing
When my partner has died the fight is not over, especially if its now only 1v1. I have my swarm, moonfire and if careful I can still win it. I've made mistakes in this case but changing out of tree to root which I have to be more cautious about depending on how much damage the enemy is doing but playing it wisely, it can be done.
Yes there are many more but I'll leave you with these to roll your eyes with :)


  1. We've all had our "I can't believe I was doing that! moments.

    About a week ago, I got back into pvp'ing with my Druid. The first few encounters were challenging. I had to remember my old keybinds, remember how I reacted as a Druid. At times I reacted as a Disc priest (which was hilarious but got me killed.) The first BG's were tough but still hilarious since I got to laugh at my own silly mistakes. Also, I had to "think" about where those old bindings were, you know even a few seconds can mean death in pvp.

    I remember another Druid (he was awesome by the way) gently telling me to use Nourish instead of Healing Touch. I thought I was hitting Nourish, but I wasn't. :) I also remember forgetting to macro Nature's Swiftness and Healing Touch too. My finger was going to the correct binding I had used before, but it was no longer there, lol.

    Nature's Grasp stays on me at all times along with a few HoT's. It takes a lot to bring down my Druid these days but I always try to be prepared. I tend to pop out of tree form a lot too. I do a lot of CC. With the exception of Rogues (mine is 30 atm) I've played all the classes to at least 70, so I have a pretty good idea what they'll do, so tend to plan how I'll react depending on the class (or classes) I encounter.

  2. I've got my healing touch bound with natures swiftness and also bound a key for natures swiftness with cyclone should I need. An instant cyclone can screw a healer for sure:)

    Slowly learning:)