Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bouncing From PVE to PVP

Funny how my desires in the game change more often of late. Since I'm back I had been totally pushing my PVE and didn't even want to do a BG. In the last couple of weeks though I'm back into BGs and arena. Although Hunter/Druid combos are not the most popular, myself and hubby have been having a good time. Taking a while to get our groove back and I still have much to learn but the excitement is building. We never did that great last season...about 1500, but the thrill of arena is back.

3s is another new thing for me. I hadn't done much 3s before we have a great rogue for 3s and he is totally encouraging and positive. I really couldn't play with a super serious team who yell and get uptight over it. Don't get me wrong we have our moments here at home but its more a self-loathing thing. "OMG I can't believe I did that, or what the hell was I thinking I didn't pop my trinket" Our rogue is a cool cucumber, calm and very communicative. Thats another thing that makes me crazy is people who don't communicate while they play. Sometimes I'll hunt someone down for skirmishes to practice and its like "lets just kill em". UGH! I need a plan.

The most important thing I'm learning in PVP is that timing is everything. CC has to be perfectly timed. Double CCs and rotating CCs can make for an easy win if timed properly.

Any PVP tips for this old druid gal are greatly appreciated:)

Next time I'll share a few of my blonde pvp moments with you.

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