Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family Raid Nights

We enjoy raid nights together but always plan a little in advance as a family to get ourselves prepared.
On raid nights we eat our dinner ahead of time or have something prepared in advance(a hungry raider will only wipe the whole group).

We help each other get ready with passing herbs to my hubby Krys to make flasks, pots and getting our buffed food ready. We hate going unprepared.

My daughter Sarah has a list at her desk that she has been marking off the best pieces for her class as she obtains them but from time to time you'll hear yelling from room to room with the "SHOULD I ROLL ON THAT" from my daughter or a "I CAN'T BELIEVE I ROLLED A ONE". You'll hear screams of joy from my daughter (and sometimes Krys) when a new piece of gear is obtained. After a couple hours of raiding, Krys will usually give me the look of a 5 year old saying "are there any snacks?"

If we say we need 30secs from the game, we are absolutely no longer and you may see a mad rush to the washroom or to get a drink often having us bang into each other in the hallway (a wow family ain't always pretty)
My hunter hubby has yet to get the Envoy of Mortality but still holds onto hope it will drop one day. This is the one item that would really give him a big boost in DPS. I have just about everything I need from Naxx and I think so does Siarah.

Once the raid is done and we are getting ready for bed, we discuss how the raid went; where we need to improve, our damage/healing, how the pugs (if any) behaved etc.
Outside of raiding we do some instances together and share our WOW stories when something happens. I think I'm still shocked that my teenage daughter enjoys the game so much, although she isn't much of a farmer *shaking head*. Even in the game a mother can nag "you should be out farming so you always have gold for anything that comes up".

Both Siarah and Krys love the pvp aspect of WOW but Siarah has gained a new appreciation for PVE lately. For me, its just nice we are in the same space and often take on tasks working together for a common goal.

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