Monday, May 25, 2009

Mary Had a Little Lamb

I was reading a great post from Pike at the Aspect of the Hare. She talks about how chain trapping for hunters isn't being utilized much any more and same goes for sheeping.

As a mage, its been devastating the lack of needed sheeping. I'm assuming the reason for this is because of the AOE affect of most tanking classes. Pallies, DKs, Warriors which now all have exceptional AOE abilities. There are many glyphs available that enchance AOE damage in some way ie.

Glyph of Devistate (Your devastate ability now applies two stacks of sunder armor)

Glyph of Cleaving (Increases the number of targets your cleave hits by 1)

Glyph of Shockwave (Reduces the cooldown of shockwave by 3 secs)

Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous (Your Hammer of the Righteous hits 1 additional target)

I know there are many others and I'm also certain healers must be on their toes for this craziness. I know many folks may feel it makes moving through an instance much faster not having to CC stuff, but for me there is a sadness to giving up the strategy and I hope they create some stuff that will put hunters and mages back to work.

That being said, what about my sheep? I had been continuing to pay him even with this anti-sheep campaign going on but now the funds are drying up and I had to give him the pink slip. There was a alot of snooty looks with .."bah" this and "bah" that. Mary had a little lamb but now I've hired him on a contract basis. Please keep this information on the Q.T. as Mary is going through some difficulties herself with the whole recession thing going on.

I couldn't even tell you at this moment which of my keys is sheep as its been that long since I've used it.

I say "Sheep, Pull FTW"


  1. /sigh

    I totally agree. I wish there were CC in the game again. I miss it and on my hunter, being able to trap and play with keeping a mob CCed, and still dps was a dance I loved. When it went away, much of my desire to play my hunter went with it. I don't want to stand and just pew pew, I wanted to help my group.

    Guess that is why I turned to my priest, since healing in and of itself hasn't really changed much.


  2. /sigh ...all those freezing traps just melting away into your bags..what a mess

  3. I think it would be nice if heroics required CC. I can accept non-heroics pull the whole room and aoe tactics, but I feel that it shouldn't be viable in heroic instances.

    Remember H MgT? Not fondly I bet, but at least you had to have a good class makeup and everyone had to know their role.

    Perhaps Blizz figure they make more money this way... and they probably do!

  4. Yeah I think if you questioned every lvl 80 and asked them if they would prefer to work as a group and have a job or just rush through content, I would like to think people would prefer to work for it.

    I think Blizzard has probably put themselves in a position of having to be that much more creative in the game because people finish the content so quickly and get bored.