Monday, May 18, 2009

My Dreanei Mage Update

I've just hit level 37 on my new toon and I'm flabbergasted at how easy it is to level and make gold.

It seems every quest almost gets me a bubble. It doesn't have that same grueling and at times overwhelming feeling it had in the early WOW days. I'm sure I'll feel different from 70-80.

Since I hate being without gold and I'm on a new server, I'm working that much harder to ensure I have gold at 80. With my Herbalism and toon level, its a perfect time to farm around Arathi Highlands. Steelbloom, Goldthorn and Fadeleaf sell for very good gold since not just the alchemists need the herbs but the scribes are using these lower end herbs and duel spec is a bonus

Presently, I have 1066g which I thought was pretty good for my level. It would probably be about 1200g but I did treat myself to a couple of armor pieces here and there.

Don't tell anyone but I've been purchasing the Icy Cloak Pattern regularly from Micha Yance, Trade Goods vendor in Southshore for about 14silver and then reselling it for 14-15g. A very nice profit for a low level. This makes it worth keeping my hearth in Southshore even though I'm questing elsewhere. Mages FTW:)

My good friend Rorik from The WoW Street Journal is a big WOW economy watcher and loves to follow the warcraft trends. For me I just kinda watch for them as they come to me.

So make sure as you are leveling a toon (especially a first toon) that you have a gathering profession that has no investment. It will make getting those mounts much easier.

Oh and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself with no ganking horde and my great new guild:)


  1. I stumbled across your link while reading responses to Critical QQ's latest post. I like the layout and am looking forward to reading future posts!

    PS - Grats on 37!

  2. Thank you Eury ..I look forward to having you visit:)

  3. That's the bonus of leveling a toon... there are all those things that level capped toons wont go find, but still want... and they right there where you are grinding...

    37 is a magical number... I can't remember why, but I am sure I enjoyed it...