Monday, May 11, 2009

My Sugar Daddy

My husband, like myself, prepared well for 3.1 to make his fortune. He knew that glyphs would be the highest demand item once the patch came. He prepared by having a hugh supply of inks ready to go. Duel spec was going to make him rich:)

He diligently has been putting glyphs up every morning and every night before bed. The pure volume of glyphs makes this a time consuming task. As of last night my dwarf hunter husband has earned 40k gold since the patch dropped 4 weeks ago. He was tickled pink. However, this is not pure profit. As you probably know, the new glyph recipes came in the form of Books of Glyph Mastery. There are 61 books I believe and he just obtained the last one a couple of days ago. He paid approximately 1200g the first week or so for the books after the patch and then in the last most week or so they have dropped to about 300g. In total he spent 25k on the books for a net profit thus far of 15k. With all the glyphs learned, it is now pure profit.

This morning he has 22 glyph sales for a total of 651g. The market is tough as he is often undercut; however, there is still a huge opportunity to make substantial gold.

So I'll have to pick out somethin nice for myself that my sugar daddy can give me. He already got that condo for me at SW now I'm a kept woman. Sugar daddy FTW!

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