Monday, May 4, 2009

Authenticators – An Absolute Must

It was our worst Warcraft nightmare come true. I logged in first thing in the morning to check my AH sales. While stood at the mail box I got a glimpse of my husbands toon standing there as well. I glanced at his screen to see if he had logged in before me, but it wasn't opened. When I opened up my bags, all my gold was gone. Nothing else, just my gold. I yelled for my husband who immediately logged in but quickly gets kicked, as now the hacker has changed his password. My daughter now checks her account only to discover all her gold is gone as well.

I was shocked and felt very violated. Yes its just a game but I consider it my personal space on the internet. We finally resolved that we had all at some point logged in at my husband’s computer into WOW where the key logger obtained all 3 account information. Our security system didn’t flag it unfortunately. My husband immediately mailed Blizzard and got the password changed.

That day, we ordered our Blizzard Authenticators which were about $7.00 each. We keep them on cords attached to our desks so we always have them on hand. It took about 2-3 weeks to get our accounts back to their existing state and as much as we were frustrated about the hackers, we were more frustrated with ourselves for not ordering the authenticators sooner.

For those that are not familiar with the Authenticators they are a small electronic device with a digital screen. Once you enter your user name and password, another little screen appears to enter your authenticator number. Every time you log into Warcraft, you simply click the button to get your new code. This prevents key loggers from obtaining the information since it changes every time you log in.
For more information about the Authenticators you can visit this Blizzard page to get the details.

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