Friday, May 1, 2009

Checking Out The Carebear World

What's this? No ganking? I can complete a quest without interruption you say? I must check this out, and so my adventure begins. I've started a Draenei Mage on a server with my good friend Bre.
I've now been considering moving a toon over with some gold but I thought it may be a fun adventure to start from stratch to see how quickly I can now make gold while I level. Bre helped get me out of Exodar since I really hate questing in that area and made the journey to SW. Should be fast leveling since I know the area and quests pretty well. (Hey I thought Hoggar was a non-elite now ...lets just say "it got ugly")
I think when I start questing in STV that the realization of no horde confrontation will really hit me. STV was always one of the nightmare zones while leveling. This is certainly an efficient way to get a toon to 80 without those ganking interruptions. Will I miss the excitment of calling on guildies for help and watching my guildies kick some horde buns...we'll see:)

Right now, I am enjoying the quiet with my level 10 but look foward to playing with the big boys at level 80.

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