Friday, May 15, 2009

Mage Glyphs While Leveling

Obviously we are very limited by glyphs we can use as we level since glyphs have level requirements. Glyphs cannot be aquired until Level 15 but at least now you can add your glyph anywhere and do not need the Lexicon of Power. For me its about defense as well as offense while I level. At level 30 I currently have:


The minor glyphs are very "meh" to me. Nothing great really and for the major I liked the defense of the ice armor glyph and the additional damage of the frost nova. I am currently frost, although some folks have said I should level as fire, but I'm a creature of habit and leveled my main as frost so I'm pretty comfortable with it.

I am, however, going to put my next couple of points in Fire Blast so I'll probably then take the Glyph of Fire Blast.

Euripedes from Critical QQ did an awesome breakdown of the mage glyphs and their suitability for raiding, soloing and pvping.

I'm sure as I hit the higher levels I will change up my glyphs, but for where I am now I think these glyphs work quite nicely. Here is a full list of the mage glyphs.

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