Saturday, May 16, 2009

Would Millions of Dollars Change Your WOW Life?

Myself and my hubby often discuss if we won millions how it would change our lives and those of our family. Aside, from traveling, new vehicles, clothes and sharing with family how would it change our WOW life. Well, first we need to call into work as permanently rich:)

Here is how we would spend our millions to make the game that much more awesome sauce (as Bre would say). A new house with a very large gaming room with a few extra stations set up for our gaming friends. Of course, we need a amazing gaming systems with 30"monitors.

An absolute must is a small kitchen area in the room with lots of gaming snacks and a direct line to Dominos Pizza hehehe. We would pay to have friends travel up for some crazy gaming weekends and do it in style.
Yup, we have every loot card and so would everyone in our guild. Want to go to Blizzcom, we'll have a private plane pick all our guildies up.
OMG I'm excited thinking about hehehe. /sigh What a crazy WOW life it would be to have the best of everything. Now, if only I had won enough money to do away with ninja looters hehehe.


  1. I might consider actually picking up one or two of those customizable character figurines Blizzard is always plugging.

    Also, one of those tricked out World of Warcraft laptops would suddenly be a reasonable purchase. Since I would be rich, I wouldn't even need to choose Horde or Alliance, I could have one of each and swap back and forth when I change servers :)

  2. Yeah a sweet Laptop would be awesome for those long European vacations:)

  3. I would definitely get ahold of some loot cards and probably get a 2nd account again. :)


  4. I could live without the close kitchen... but after touring India recently, I think it would be well worth spending the whole (OK, the change after the new computing gear) lot on a "maid".

    Why walk to the fridge/stove when you can just nod your head?