Sunday, May 10, 2009


I am the type of person that comes out of a store in the mall and isn’t sure which direction I came from. My sense of direction is absolutely miserable. Thank heavens for coordinates and addons with arrows in Warcraft (still doesn't help me in SW where I am eternally in a lost state) .What a huge difference from questing without any addons to questing with them. I would say your time is definitely cut in half. Presently, I use Lightheaded and Tomtom which make questing very smooth. Lightheaded provides details about each quest as to where the mobs are, whether there are adds, if it is a difficult quest, or any bugs with a quest. Tomtom also provides coordinates with large arrows pointed in the direction of your quest. These are priceless.

ie. You just picked up the Hogger quest, when you open the quest log there is a little tab for Tomtom on the right side. This is where you will see the information provided by others about that particular quest from Wowhead. You can click on any coordinates in blue to have them make a waypoint on your mini map. Immediately an arrow will appear on your screen, noting the quest and the direction to travel. Once your toon steps over that location, that waypoint will automatically be removed. You can also get coordinates for the quest turn in NPC.

In my opinion, the information from Tomtom is approximately 98% accurate. Every now and again I’ll find some ill advice, but it's rare. Knowing exactly where to go when you pick up a quest is half the battle. Questing doesn’t have to be painful and people like me don’t have to remain lost in the realm.

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