Tuesday, May 12, 2009

List of World of Warcraft Blogs

For those of you not famliar with this list, the great folks at the Twisted Nether have created a wiki list of wow blogs. It's a great way to see whats out there, especially if you are looking for something specific about your class, professions etc.

You can have your blog added to the list, which I just signed up for this morning. The list is extensive and there is a section of general wow blogs and those separated by class. It's a great way to get yourself out there in the blogging community by visiting other blogs and bringing them to yours.

Specially thanks to Bre & Fim at the Twisted Nether for starting this great blogging network


  1. That list is a wonderful resource! I saw Gnomer's post introducing your blog and wanted to stop by and say "hi!" (even though I'm a warlock :P)

    And I love your title. :)


  2. Hey Syrana

    Thanks for stopping by. Since I'm no mage expert we will discussing all things WOW so I hope to see you again.