Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Farmer for Hire

So lets say you are an alchemist and you need lots of Lichbloom for flasks. You have been watching the market and become aware that the price dips a little on Wednesdays to 20g per stack but you can't pick them up quick enough from the AH before they have been bought out. Instead of playing this race during the week waiting for the prices to fall, find yourself a regular farmer. Someone who is willing to do that 20g per stack with your commitment to buy everthing he has. (not specifically referring to a gold farmer) I simply mean someone who makes gold for their toon with that particular profession and farms regularly.

Many regular farmers find this much easier than waiting for the items to sell in the AH or having to relist them. This way you get a good supply and he gets paid immediately. I met a JC who did this with saronite. He would buy everything the guy had in order to prospect it. The guy got rid of everything and got paid immediately and the JC always got his ore for a fair price, still making an excellent profit.

Now, don't mess with folks. If you say for 1 month you will buy every stack of Lichbloom they have, commit to that and don't play games. If they are mailing the stacks COD to you, don't let them sit there without paying the gold immediately. Its unfair and you will lose your good farmer and good rate for your herbs.

Start this process by doing shoutouts looking to purchase 10stacks of lichbloom and once you find someone who has that many, make a prosposal.

I'm sure this will help keep you in mats and keep your expenses in check.

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