Monday, May 4, 2009

Trash or Treasure

If you have leveled a toon before you may already know this information but for those of you that don’t or may not think of it there are few tips about what you are vendoring. There are many items that you might normally vendor that have value to someone in the game.

One item in particular that has value is meats. Most animal meats you come across are used in a recipe or two. Take a look at the list of
cooking recipes and keep in mind any meats that you could sell in the AH. A lot of folks with gold could not be bothered farming meats, especially the low end stuff. Take a look at each item before you vendor it and determine whether any professions can use that item.

Also, note which festivals or events are going on at the time. Right now small eggs are required for Children’s Week to make the
Chocolate Cake and are selling for about 1g each. For my lowbie toon this is a great opportunity to boost my income.

Please don’t trash those low end greens. New enchanters are always looking for inexpensive greens to DE. Even at my low level of 14 I can get a couple of gold for the low end greens I pick up.

So never be too quick to vendor the goodies from your bags. Perhaps some hidden treasures will bring you closer to your first mount.

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  1. Amen. Now that I don't have a sugermama to keep me up in fur, I need to sell and sell. Also annoying Luis to no end by making him stop and wait for me to pick an herb, but I think of it as pay back for all the times we are goign to quest and he spends 20 minutes messing around with his bank.