Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wet TShirt Contest!

I recently won a t-shirt donated by the Twisted Nether (good Lord, am I pluggin' them again?) in an Ebay auction for a childrens charity hosted by The Hunting Lodge My husband already had the tshirt and I really wanted one and so the bidding began and I was fortunate enough to win:)

Now the Twisted Nether is desiring a new tshirt look so they can have a tres chic appearance while attending Blizzcon. I'm hoping with my super "fill in this blank later" and my hubby's sweet design talents that we can come up with something cool.

If you have a creative bone in your body...give it a whirl. There are great prices for the winner. OH, and the wet t-shirt contest thang was just to get you reading:) And you read this didn't you?? You read this whole post ....PERVES hahaha


  1. geez, people were saying my post title from yesterday "account canceled" was an attention grabber... I just clicked right on through to this post ;-)

    Yes this is my tounge hanging out, and yes there is drool :-P

  2. Well put your tongue back in, mop up the drool and get designing:)

  3. Well, when I saw this post on my Reading List, I realized that this was an untapped marketing technique to get more readers to my blog! I only wish I had thought of it first ;)

  4. Had to work my womanly wilds:)