Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who is Your Social Director?

Over the last couple of years we have had some fun events to bring our guildies together. Aside from having a great time and getting everyone together, I take the opportunity to help clear out the guild bank by using stuff for prizes. (If you are anything like us, stuff builds up and people don't ask for anything) I would refer to myself as a Social Director like Julie on the Love Boat.

My hubby would create some clever ads for it like these to make it more alluring to folks.

Here are few events we've had over the last couple of years:

Trivia Nites - we do this in vent and have people type out the answers so there is no chaos in vent.

Beach Party - have everyone meet on an island outside Booty Bay, drink booze, have duels and prizes.

Wee Lost Girl - place a female gnome in a major city and give gradual clues as to her whereabouts until she is found. Start off very vague and difficult with your clues.

Naked VC Run - this was my favorite event. Have groups of about 3 people remove all amor and weapons. The only things you can equip are things you pick up in VC. Each piece of armor or weapon has a value ie. greys 1pt, greens 2pts and blues 3pts. The team with the highest amount of points at the end, wins. Myself and Bre were usually sat at the end of the instance waiting for the players to come out. OMG I'll never forget seeing one our (at that time) level 70 pallies with these nasty pink pants on. It was a hoot.

Group Achievement Nite - Pick a silly achievement or two and get some guildies together to go do it. We did the "To All the Squirrels I've Loved Before" and with a couple of mages it didn't take long. I had already researched the most efficient order in which to do it in.

Musical Chairs in Karazhan - this game I have never played but I'm anxious to try it. Here is a video of it. Looks like a hoot. *WARNING* turn your volume down a little ..its a tad loud.

Its been a while since our guild did some silliness so I better get my so Social Director hat on and plan something soon. I've been a slacker for sure.


  1. awwwww the memories!!!! You missed one of my favorites, dueling drunk in Brewfest!

    Oh wait...the wolpertinger may still give you nightmares.

    Seriously hon, thank you again for making each and every one of those events a blast. May hold some of my favorite moments in game.

  2. yeah we don't discuss the wolpertinger moment...tooo painful *sniff*

  3. I am our guild's "social event planner extraordinaire." :D

    We have an annual Summer Extravaganza (first one last year) - vote on titles for each other, nekkid relay races, and other activities. We've had a Masquerade Ball, Valentine Beach Party, Guild Bday celebration, Orphan Party... I think I'm missing some.

    I think we could trade some great ideas! :D


  4. lol, seriously this looks like way too much fun.

    I am tempted to roll a level 1 alt & take a day off work for these...

    Those posters are just awesome....

    Might have to print them out and stick them on my wall... Mmm wife wont allow that...

  5. nekkid relay races? hmmm tell me more

  6. My old guild (I recently posted about its collapse) used to play Marco Polo while running around Stormwind. We'd see how many others we could get to start playing with us.

    We'd also see see how many people got pissed off at a bunch of morons running around SW screaming "POLO!"

    Good times.

  7. Hmm I'll have to check that out Bob..not familiar with online Marco Polo.

    Oh on another note, love the look of your blog. Beautiful header image.

  8. The nekkid relay races... everyone paired off, each team having a high and a low level (to try and equalize the running through mobs) and no armor of any kind to help equalize the playing field too.

    We started on Fray Island. They were to run from Fray Island to Crossroads (where their partner was waiting.. nekkid.. next to the flight master). They had to throw a leatherball made by a guildie to their partner. Then when the partner made it back to me, they had to throw the ball to me.

    It was lots of fun. :D

    Oh! And can't forget the drunken farmer duels. Load up on ingame booze and duel in blue overalls and pitchforks! hehe

  9. Relay sounds like a hoot..OMG

  10. awesome x 10!

    The musical chairs looks super fun but I just can't wait to try drunk duelling!

    you are now on my RSS as well, hooray for google reader and hooray for the boss not realising what it is!

  11. Zupa I'm still adjusting to all this blogging terminology with RSS and google reader stuff. I'm not very technical unfortunately.