Thursday, May 28, 2009

Druid Pooh-ness

This post is meant for all my druid friends, particularly for BBB whom I think will love my new druid bear model *raising eyebrow*. He was talking about the new night elf druid forms but I propose a softer more loveable bear as I've shown here. Yes, this is Druid Pooh on steroids.

Bears don't have to look mean with long teeth and big claws. They can have a face that would melt hearts and have children begging for hugs. They would have a brand new top level talent and that would be the "big bear hug" ...

Rank 1 - a light gentle squeeze
Rank 2 - a pressure with affection
Rank 3 - a wee bit of difficulty breathing
Rank 4 - one by one ribs begin to break
Rank 5 - with the ultimate squeeze the enemies' head blows off

And while your sweet druid pooh-ness is squeezing a horde's head off, he will be smiling contently.


  1. ROFL I love it! Can I have Eeyore form???

  2. hmmm not sure about Eeyore. He is a bit of a slacker at the gym:P

  3. Roffle!

    I know Shia does that now, well the smiling as the horde die at least :P

  4. Hey trout that is a lovable sweet bear ..*GLARE*

  5. Hahaha, I love it. If only they hadn't already revealed the new models, maybe you could have convinced them to slip this one in. I am still crossing my fingers for a Tauren Cat form model that looks like Garfield.