Thursday, May 7, 2009

Progressive Percentage?? What the Hell?

Since I'm now leveling another toon, I am always up for doing some complaining about drop rates but apparently this was done in vain. According to a former World of Warcraft lead designer and current next-gen Blizzard MMO director, Jeffrey Kaplan, Lich King Warcraft has now adopted the Progressive Percentage system.

So, with this system your chance of getting a quest item increases as you farm it. There is apparently a base drop rate now of 45% which, depending on how long you farm a quest item, that percentage will gradually increase. Of course as soon as I read this I did notice with the quest I was working on that it did drop more frequently/faster for the last 4 quest items I needed.

Hmmm has anyone else noticed this? Here is the link to the article....interesting stuff. Hopefully I explained it properly. Here is a link to the article.

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  1. Hai!

    I have totally noticed this lately! I didn't know it was anything beyond RNG and my imagination until I read this post.

    nice one :)