Monday, May 25, 2009

She Who Fights and Runs Away.....

As you all know I am from the pvp server Bleeding Hollow, but recently created a new toon on a PVE server, now at lvl 40.

It's been very quiet but earlier the week I was doing my usual herb run when I came across two horde around Dun Garok in Southshore. They were questing, I'm assuming. When I clicked on the first one, a hunter, the icon changed. Is this a dagger I see before me? The "flagged for combat" knife hovered ominously over his head. Now I, a pacifist at heart, could count on one hand the number of times I've ever ganked someone. Doing so on this.... a PVE server felt very dirty, but a deliciously wicked urge came over me. There was someone else with the hunter, but I paid him no heed. I swear a cloud passed in front of the sun as I held my breath and summoned a frostbolt. The blast hurtled toward him and the terror I felt only intensified my excitement. The unsuspecting hunter was so focused on killing his target that he was unaware that he had become the prey. I used the aptly named Icy Veins... 2 more bolts and he collapsed, dead.

Then there was a shocking stab in my kidneys... the pain was horrific. I knew I couldn't take a rogue and so, when I could, I blinked. He was not far behind me and he wanted revenge for killing his friend. I ran, 'cause thats what I do best *GRIN*. He caught up to me once again and I was stunned for a moment and when I had the opportunity I hit my Life Blood for a good heal and blinked again. My next step was to use my Free Action Potion while he wasn't close to me (I never leave home without it). Then there was no stopping me, I was near the entrance to the Arathi Highlands when I was finally free of him.

Now, I know most of you are probably rolling your eyes and saying "what a coward" "how cheap" and I say YES & YES. But, then the excitement of killing was overshadowed by the sneakiness of getting away. I think I enjoy the pleasure of knowing that he was beyond frustrated not being able to finish me. That was always my pleasure in PVP since my skills are severly lacking in pvp. The game of getting away was the challenge.

Hard to believe on a PVE server, I have become evil:(


  1. Oh, that is funny! But what is the old saying? "She who fights and runs away... lives!"

  2. yup..."lives to fight another day" or runs away another day hahaha

  3. Ok, this post made me laugh out loud! I can just picture you standing there saying, "come on frost bolt, cast already!" If your toon could quiver she probably would have been shaking with greedy (and lustful) anticipation. That's right, you've got blood lust!!!! I wish I could have been there to see it...beating the rogue at his own game. Sigh...oh those golden moments!

  4. You know me tooo well Millie hehehe