Friday, May 28, 2010

BlizzCan 2010

Wouldn't that be a wonderful event, Blizzard bringing the party to Canada. Maple syrup for all, everyone gets a hockey stick at the door and the epic dog sled could be the ultimate new mount.

Seriously though, I would love to see a Canadian event of some sort, even on a smaller scale. Us poor Canadians are always forgotten. No country on earth more resembles Northrend. Despite what many think, we don't live in 6 months of darkness (most of us don't), igloos are only for when the in-laws visit and I'm just trying to help the environment using the dog sled.

Speaking of dog sleds, in my picture above are fellow WoW players and friends Rorik and Kittiara heading to the first anticipated Blizzcan 2010. (they won their mount with a loot card:P) Seeeee...wouldn't you want that bad ass mount?

So Blizzard...come to Canada, I'll get the kettle on.


  1. I second this! Canada needs some more love from Blizzard.

  2. When Wrath first came out, I wasn't very anxious to hit Northrend just because it felt so much like Canada. My game productiving dropped in the winter, when I'd come in after shovelling the driveway, sidewalk, and porch, only to log on and see more snow. It was a good "getting the alts to Outlands" time.

    Blizzcon in Canada is something I would like to see. It'd be easier for me to book a flight, that's for sure. And by "flight" I mean "gas up the car and drive to wherever it is".

    Most importantly, two words: Moose Pet.

  3. Yeah, if it was in Canada we'd travel either end of the country to get there.

  4. hehe awesome post, I totally agree! I would so be at BlizzCan!