Friday, May 21, 2010

Patience for Gold Makers

Always at the beginning of a new expansion making gold can be extremely easy. You can make a lot of gold and make it quickly. As we come closer to the end of Lich King and most folks are geared, the prices have been dropping for mats.

Now making gold is a game of patience. I find myself waiting for days that are significantly more raiding days to sell flasks and mana pots. On a good raid night my 5 mana pots will sell for 50g, other nights only around 20g. Gems have dropped in price and I would probably do better with them on Tuesdays when players cash in their arena points for gear but because I have soooo many gems (as most people do). I tend to put them up and just patiently go through which cut has a better profit for me. Cash in your extra honor points for gems, or your heroism emblems. Don't forget you can downgrade your triumph emblems into heroism emblems to buy gems. You can turn them in at the Silver Enclave from the 3 emblem vendors but much easier to do it from one NPC in the sewers called Usuri Brightcoin who holds all the emblems and can turn them for you easily into heroism.

Really look at your professions and check even your lower level items you have or can farm (like herbs) to make some more serious profit. Lower end ores are also bringing in a good profit or the gems that come from those ores that are needed for leveling JCs. (not the Big JC but Jewel Crafters, although I'm sure the Big JC can make some fine gems:P )

I still make gold on a few fish feasts as I have my Twisted Nether Podcast running while I fish or I'll even watch online TV shows or You Tube. Use your Windows mode in the game. If you haven't used the feature in WoW just go under video and select "windowed mode". It's a great option while you are farming to multi task. Surf porn, pay bills online (pay my bills online?), surf porn, watch TV, porn. You get the idea.

Step it up and make some gold even in these hard WoW times:)

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