Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy B-Day Gnomeaggedon

I was thinking wAdd Imagehat could I do for this special gnome on his birthday (Gnomeaggedon) so I thought I would re-live his horrible stocks experience. Because, thats the kinda mage I am...we are all in or not at all.

A moment of fear did come over me as I entered the Stockades but I blinked, gathered mobs from the first wing and moved the large brutalizing gang to the stairs. There I suffered horrific blows to the head and torso. Blood spilled into my eyes and tears began to well but this was for Gnomer and I must endure.

The pain lasted for what felt like hours (more like 3 minutes) and when I finally fell to the ground the last words before going into unconsciousness were "Tell Gnomer Happy Birthday". In the distance I heard prisoners walking away "who the hell is Gnomer".

My mage is currently recuperating at the Stocks medical care area but is expected to make a full recovery. All gifts of flowers or chocolate can be brought there.

Happy B-Day Gnomeaggedon *cough* *cough* *gasp*

1 comment:

  1. A very nice tribute! I have very fond (and some painful memories too) of The Stockades. ;0