Thursday, May 27, 2010

Posters & Mags Oh My!!

Knowing how gnomeaggedon loves to see images his rugged little gnome, I had hubby create a little poster for him. This brought to mind a magazine cover he created for my bestest dwarf friend Breana (one of the original hosts of the Twisted Nether Blogcast and kick ass hunter). With Pulp Fiction in mind he did a photo shoot to catch the sexy dwarf Bre in a great pose, which was easy.

I love this picture of Bre...I gotta get it on a mug.

My Pepper Potts Justamom mage look on Gnome's poster is just so elegant, don't ya think? hehe


  1. Funny.. I was just thinking of Bre this morning, wondering if you guys kept in touch.

    loving the Iron Mage poster!

  2. Bre now has a handsome baby boy. Toooo cute. She is a busy mom but loving it. I miss her in the game but chat with her on the phone to get updates:)

  3. That's some awesome stuff - both of those images :)