Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shopping at Blizzard

I recently bought the Panderan Monk pet from Blizzard and I've seen tons of folks riding on the new celestial steed mount available for purchase from the Blizzard site. Do you think Blizzard is going to do a big expansion on this area. Right now it is a mount and pets. I can imagine them creating cool trinkets something like the Orb of Deception for purchase or perhaps some fancy gifts for holidays ie. Christmas or Valentines. I doubt it will ever be a game enhancing item but just cool stuff that can be purchased with money from the site instead of in-game gold.

Personally I do like the idea of being able to purchase an item outside the game but I'm sure there are folks that hate it. I know I know Blizzard needs the money *rolling eyes* but for me (a woman who loves to shop) it is a great idea.

I'm just curious as to how far it will go. Buying outfits for your pets, saddles for your steed or perhaps buy your own phased out area to take your loved one on a picnic. I know I'm getting scarey now hehehe.

Should the whole idea of buying stuff on the Blizz site that you can use in game be done away with?


  1. I have no problem with pets or mounts for purchase, nor do I really understand people who do have problems with it.

    The worst thing about it is 30 pandaren monks going "waaa!! Yaa!! Yaa!!" while I'm on the auction house :P

  2. Those monks are toooo cute. I wish they had more pets to choose from actually.